Thursday, November 08, 2007

What Will They Come Up With Next?

This week the kids have been playing with Le*gos constantly. They have come up with a new "game" - they invent a lot of games - called Wegos (pronounced "we goes"). They have a ton of the little Le*go guys that seem to have been dismembered along the way so they have collected all of the little yellow heads and they are the Wegos. The rest of the men (and a couple of girls and boys mixed in) that are fully intact - or at least have most of the body, maybe with an arm missing or the little yellow head replaced with a lamp shade or something - are their people. They have built little, VERY imaginative, pet shops for the We*gos families to buy them supplies and toys at, a car dealership, a furniture store, homes and a root beer saloon - bar and bar stools and all. Not that they have ever been in a bar but I think they got the idea from watching Kid Nat*ion. Amazingly enough they have hardly been fighting this week! I am flabbergasted! Not to say that they haven't fought AT ALL but it has been far less than normal. Maybe because they have been working together with a common goal but either way, it has been a wonderful break from our normal hitting, kicking, yelling, name-calling-fun-filled-day! I have also been assigning extra school work for those big fights that end in tears and yelling with nobody really knowing what happened or how, just that nobody did anything to seems to help!

Yesterday morning I was cleaning my closet in my bedroom. You are probably thinking how could it need cleaning? She's only been there about 2 months?! The kids decided to use it as a hiding place without me knowing and totally destroyed it...the hanging bar is even off on one end! So I was looking through my boxes of books trying to get rid of more and get the kids books out of mine to put on their bookshelf. I have my books in boxes because I don't have a book shelf. I found a copy of a children's encyclopedia and thought they might enjoy that, they are getting big enough to understand and read most of what's in there so I put it in with their books. Luke picked it up immediately, what kid doesn't like a big new picture filled book? He said it was the "Great Bi*g B00k of Every*thing"- it's been years since he's watch "Stanley"! He was happily looking through it when I left his room after shelving the rest of the books. Some time later I went in to find both him and Jozie looking at it together and they had found the anatomy section. I am NOT prepared for that lesson! So I quickly distracted them with the Wegos and quietly took the book back to my closet.

My mom says that I should be teaching them some of that stuff now. Obviously they know the difference between a b0y and a gi*rl, they have grown up with that difference but I almost feel like if I go into more details I am taking away their innocence, know what I'm saying? Kinda like Jodie feels about the "sleeping" deer in her neighbors garage. It's part of the reason that we chose to homeschool - they grow up too fast and know things that they shouldn't know until they are way older. I know it's a little old fashion but at the same time I want them to enjoy just being a kid.

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

LOL wegos.

You'll have to let me know how the anatomy lesson goes when you finally give it. ;)

Jamie said...

We haven't approached that lesson yet either, but there have never been any questions asked about it- thankfully! Like you, I think they need to be innocent children as long as possible. Little kids know far too much nowadays.

That's great that they played so well and are being so creative!!! Mine have been fighting terribly!