Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Knitting in the Dark

Well, as you can see, I've been far too busy to get on here and do any searious updateing. Jozie had her Mpact (formerly Missionettes) sleepover last weekend at church and for some reason I volunteered to stay all night...After the girls finally fell asleep the adults sat up and just kind of watched to make sure they were all sleeping and there were no problems with anyone. I sat there in the dark knitting the fringe that I am adding to my mom's prayer shall I made this spring. I'm bringing it to her this week and I'm still not finished with it. The fringe has by far been more time consuming and more work than the shal itself!

I've got our bags packed excpet for a few little things that we are still using that I'm planning on taking. And of course my knitting. I've been kinda stressed because I've been afraid they won't let me take my needles on the plane with me. But they assure me I can so...I'm bring stitch holders just in case! LOL I don't want to risk losing a bunch of my work if they decide that I don't need my needles anymore!

So I will do my best to do a post or 2 while I am gone but I'm thinking I won't have time or the place to do it. We're going to be keeping busy! My dad even informed us that a huge shed that we have on the farm is falling in so we have to clean it out (oh, boy!) so that it can be taken down. It's full of junk and mud and yuck! We are not thrilled about the prospect! Oh, well, maybe we will find some of our toys from when we were kids that have been missing for some time....

I'll post more when we get home after the 20th! Have a great couple of weeks! :)