Sunday, October 23, 2005

Marisa Needs...

I found this fun thing to do on Jamie's blog. You google your name with the word needs. Like "Marisa needs" only you put in your name instead of mine. Then you blog the first 10 things that come up. Mine are kinda goofy so here goes...

  1. Marisa needs someone like Conlon in her life. (whoever that is!)
  2. Marisa needs perscription medicine every day. (sure, if you say so!;)
  3. Marisa needs more touch....(ok:p But that doesn't mean I have to like it!)
  4. Marisa needs to come down to San Diego more (that sounds good! I've never been there!)
  5. all Marisa needs is the wig [and to be stretched 6" taller] (that sounds good! I've always wondered what it would be like to be tall!)
  6. Marisa needs to tell him what really happened, but will he listen? (what really happened? Maybe I forgot to take my perscription medicine today...)
  7. Marisa needs more entries...(Yup, that sounds like me, with my blog entries being almost a month apart at times!)
  8. Marisa needs it badly. (Whatever it is, I'll take it!)
  9. Marisa needs money to save him. (Give me the money! I'll save him!)
  10. Marisa needs help, help I can’t give her. Damn you! Fight!” (I can always use more cleaning the house, help cooking, help doing the laundry...I'll take it!)