Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

My b-day was a little over a week ago - I think - and both my parents sent me some money. I had been waiting a few new kitchen utensils for a while now and figured I'd use my money wisely. I am finally able to throw away my gross old plastic cutting board which looks nasty, no matter how many times I scrub it! Yipee! And we no longer have any teflon in our kitchen - I've changed to cast iron! :) Except for my stainless steel pots. But I do have a dutch oven that I use occasionally. :)

Thanks mom and dad!

Then there's Jodie...she sent me a gift certificate to this website! What am I going to get from there?! LOL I guess the circular knitting needles that I got with the gift she sent me last year wasn't "girly" enough! LOL You're a great friend Jodie with a big heart. :)