Thursday, November 08, 2007

It Really Makes Me Wonder...

Will there really be a Presidential Candidate that will be worthy of the title and office that they strive so hard to attain?

Like Kylene, and I'm sure many others, I have been thinking about who I would find to worthy of my vote and support for the upcoming Presidential election. I haven't found any that I would definitely say I would be excited about but there has been some thing that I can say that I am definitely not thrilled about. The following is something that I just got in my e-mail found rather disturbing. How can anybody who claims to want to uphold, serve, and lead our country not do something as simple as respecting our national anthem and flag?

Can this be possible? Let's find out about their true colors!

I had heard about this but a picture is
definitely worth 1000 words!


Senator Bara*ck Oba*ma, Govern*or Bill Rich*ardson, Sena*tor Hilla*ry Clint*on, and Ruth Har*kin stand during the national anthem.

At least we know there's nothing wrong with his legs - he is standing...

Here's more info on this beautiful (gag me) picture that goes into more detail and even more disturbing facts about a man that could very well become our next Commander in Chief.

Ok, so maybe it's not protocol unless you are in uniform but at the same time don't we teach our children to stand and put their right hands over their hearts when they say the pledge of allegiance (my kids do it for the American Flag, along with the Christian Flag, Missionettes and Royal Ranger Flags as well)? I did it all the way through grade school and still do, why can't he?