Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday At Home

We've been spending quite a few of our weekends at home lately. I don't let the kids watch a whole lot of TV during the week - if any - I'd rather they spend their time outdoors or at least reading or playing. So Saturday I let the kids get up early and watch cartoons. I remember doing that as a kid and since we didn't have a whole lot of TV during the week, it was always a treat to get up on Saturday morning (sometimes we'd be up so early we'd watch the national anthem before the broadcasting day started!) and eat cereal then watch cartoons. They actually did it for most of the morning without fighting! I was amazed!

Then came Ninja Warrior.

It's not a cartoon so it surprised me when Luke decided he wanted to watch it. Especially since most of it is in subtitles and there is very little said by the American host. But he just loves it! It must be a guy thing because it ended up back on for Luke's turn again about the time Bob got home. He had some drafting to do for homework but he couldn't seem keep his eyes off the foolishness! It was quite comical because every time he caught me watching him watch the goofy guys try to kill themselves on a mostly unattainable obstacle coarse he'd shake his head and say, "It's just foolishness!" and keep on watching! It must be a boy thing. Luke went from doing front rolls and jumping around in the living room and saying how he would be able to beat all those guys to sitting in rapt attention - and knitting! LOL

Jozie chose to watch Ice Princess. No surprise there! Luke went to him room while that was on, he didn't want to see all that girl stuff!

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I saw that show once and it was hilarious!

Anna said...

My husband watches that show, it is pretty funny although I get pretty bored watching that sort of stuff;)

Jodie said...

What channel is that on? We don't have cable or direct TV, so I'm hoping you're going to say its on one of the free channels. It sounds like a good laugh. I'd watch the ice princess with Jozie though too. :)