Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Radio in My Head

I love music. The problem is that I don't listen to it on a daily basis. I will sometimes listen to music on the computer or the MP3 player on my phone but since we don't have an actual radio or stereo in the house the only time I really listen to the radio is when we are in the car.

So instead I have this radio in my head. It's usually nice except that I am either humming or quietly singing wherever I go - which gives me this slightly crazy appeal! The problem with the Radio in My Head is that it usually gets stuck on one song for a while. Never quit finishing, it just loops through the verses and the chorus as it wills...sometimes for days! So I am starting a new label (can someone tell my WHY labels don't show up on my posts? I use them almost every time I post something!) called The Radio in My Head. Every once in a while you will see random songs tagged as such and hopefully this will bring closure to the days on end of the same song rolling around in that vast empty space between my ears! :)

Whatever Youre Doing (Something Heavenly) - Sanctus Real

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to the beach again last Sunday afternoon. It was plenty warm but very windy. The kids enjoyed playing in the big waves and collecting rocks with their friends along the beach. We were going to grill out at the park but due to the wind we went home and my neighbor - Jen - 's boyfriend - Davy - brought his grill over and we just grilled at home. Did I ever mention how nice it is to have such great neighbor's that are also friends? I've never experienced that before - but I haven't lived in an apartment much either. :)

We didn't do much on Monday. Bob had to work and Jen and Davy went to pick up a camper so the kids and I took a drive to a little town of about 650 people not far away to get some freecycle stuff. What fun! Then we came home and didn't do much after that until we went to get Bob from work at 8pm. Oh, the old lady "on the end" was yelling at the kids for making too much noise with their marshmallow guns (?! do marshmallow guns made from PVC make noise as you blow with your mouth through them to make the marshmallow go "poof" out the end?!?) because she was trying to take a nap. So I took Jozie's gun and together Luke and I had a marshmallow war in the front yard! About 5 minutes into it the old lady "next to Miss Jennifer" we over to see the the old lady "on the end". Hmm. I've never napped with a friend before! Must be an old lady past time! Anyway - we had fun and I REALLY wanted that old lady to come out and yell at me for playing with the marshmallow gun!

Here's some pictures of the kids in the water...

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This song has been playing constantly on our local Christian radio station lately. It brings to mind all the friends that helped me through all the good and bad times in my "growing up" years. Most of you guys know who you are; Jamie, Jodie, Amie, Bethany, Jodie Rae, Allyson Rae, Danny Ray, the Library crew, Jonny, Joel, Jeremy, Johnny and Amy, and Kevin - just to name a few and not excluding my mom and of course Bob! :) Without these people in my life, both in the past and in the present, I probably wouldn't be the person that I am today.

Thanks guys! I couldn't have done it without you! :)

Those Nights - Skillet


"Those Nights"

I remember when
We used to laugh
About nothing at all
It was better than going mad
From trying to solve all the problems we're going through
Forget 'em all
Cause on those nights we would stand and never fall
Together we faced it all
Remember when we'd

Stay up late and we'd talk all night
In a dark room lit by the TV light
Through all the hard times in my life
Those nights kept me alive

We'd listen to the radio play all night
Didn't want to go home to another fight
Through all the hard times in my life
Those nights kept me alive

I remember when
We used to drive
Anywhere but here
As long as we'd forget our lives
We were so young and confused that we didn't know
To laugh or cry
Those nights were ours
They will live and never die
Together we'd stand forever
Remember when we'd

Those nights belong to us
There's nothing wrong with us

I remember when
We used to laugh
And now I wish those nights would last

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Mechanic and His Wedding Band...

...Are soon parted.

Bob lost his wedding band the other day at work! I was steamed but he whispered it to me while he was on the phone to his boss who was looking as he talked! His boss found it - in a glove that gets left on the fuel truck to be used by anyone who is refueling an airplane! I was relieved but needless to say, it now sits safe in my jewelery box. Where it will stay. He really shouldn't wear it anyway being in the hanger it could get caught on anything from a tool to a machine to some kind of engine parts. He's pretty disappointed. But he thinks he has found a solution to his problem.

He wants to get his wedding band tattooed on. I know most of you aren't really into tattoos but it's a way for him to show his commitment without the risk of losing his finger. And it seems logical for me to get one as well...we want to figure out exactly what we want to have done first. We want something simple but not just a black band either. And probably something that is small enough to be covered by our regular rings when we wear them - so it doesn't look goofy. They are actually supposed to be cheaper than a regular ring - averaging about $100, except they usually have to be touched up because the skin on your hands regenerate so often.

Anyway...just a couple of thoughts.

A Birthday Party and a Visit to the BEACH!

This week we took our first trip to the beach for the summer (and hopefully not the last)! The water was freezing but the kids got in anyway - well, at least dunked under once and got out quick! They played with a friends dog in the water and on the sand and then we headed to the park where we had roasted hot dogs and a picnic with our neighbors.

The same said neighbors invited the kids to their birthday party last night. Jozie stayed for the whole thing but Luke only got to swim because he had to leave for the Pinewood Derby.

Here's some pictures...

WOO HOO!!!!!

Bob made it to the end of his first school year - well almost! He took his school finals yesterday and passed both sections with an 80%. He was pretty excited - you had to get an 80% to pass so he barely made it. He had his FAA license test today - well the written part anyway - so he stayed up half the night studying. He was tired this morning but got there on time and passed those tests as well! The test cost $100 to take so I'm really glad he passed - if he would have had to take them over it would have cost $150 each for a total of $300! So he is relieved that it's over with - he has to go in for his oral and practical on June 25th.

I'm so proud of him! What a man! *sigh* :)

It's Derby Time!

Luke had his Pinewood Derby last night at Royal Rangers. He had a great time and earned second place with the car that he worked on with Daddy! There were about 12 boys in his class with cars so I think he did pretty good, considering there was plenty of good competition. His best friend, Andrew, got first place. Luke told Joey that he was so happy for Andrew! That's my boy! :)

This morning he watch closely and as soon as he saw Paul he ran in the house to get his trophy and car to show them off!

Luke and Paul

Luke has struck up an unlikely friendship with one of the older gentlemen that lives in one of our neighboring apartments. I don't know if it was Luke's boyish nature or his helpfulness to the older folks who are our neighbors (he likes to ask them if he can take out their trash but HATES to take out ours!) that drew Paul to him but they have become fast friends. Paul always comes out to talk to Luke as he is riding his scooter past his front door or if he's sitting out on the picnic table playing with his cars.

Luke says, "You never would have guessed he is such a nice guy! Now I have 3 best friends here - Andrew (from church), Joey (our neighbor boy), and Paul!"

He was so cute and all excited about his Pinewood Derby last night that he just had to go and ask Paul to come. Paul said he would come if he had the time (he didn't come but Luke didn't seem to notice!) .

**Now don't get me wrong, I didn't let my kid just start talking to some stranger, I made sure Luke understands that he doesn't go anywhere with Paul or go into Paul's apartment - just like any of his other friends - without asking me first. And to not get upset if I said no because I would say no to any of his other friends that I don't really know, for his own safety.**

I'm just glad that he is able to call an older man a "friend". Most kids wouldn't even consider it because Paul is "old" but Luke doesn't see it that way. He just sees Paul as one of his friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Through the Eyes of my Children

The kids have been using their cameras a lot lately, trying to get plenty of good shots for A. Debbie and U. Lyle. Here's a preview of what they see...Luke took his on the lowest setting so he could take more pictures, that's why some of them don't look very good, but he used his money to buy a memory card for his camera today so we eliminated that problem.

Luke saw this Robin

The neighbors behind us were paving their driveway...

More driveway construction...very important!

One of his 50c garage sale finds...I won't let him take his clean good ones outside to play with...

So he grabbed these 2 outdoor trucks for a buck! What a bargain finder! :)

Miss Belle loves her morning doves...

Our prairie skies...

Self Portrait:)

If this one wasn't so far away, I'd swear that was a prairie dog...I just didn't think we had them this far east!

I think these are her favorite "flowers"!

I Hope My Kids Feel This Way Someday!

I think this about says it all. I got it in an email the other day. :)

Truly Free
~By Kristan Mikala~

Note From The Editor: This was a writing assignment prompted by these HomeschoolSoup newsletters. It was written by a 15 year old homeschool student. Aside from it being one of the more touching messages I've ever read, consider it a powerful open letter to all children and parents thinking about homeschooling.

As a student in almost every sense of the word, I have experienced many different types of teaching. The worst of all were the styles in which you were so boxed in you felt you couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't do anything. The best was that rare wildflower of learning, homeschooling. In homeschooling, you are free; free to learn, free to be yourself. You needn't worry about what your peers think of you, you needn't worry about whether this or that teacher does or doesn't like you, you only worry about whether there's something you forgot to remember to learn. In the fields of your mind, you choose what you plant. You don't need someone to do it for you because you want to learn. No one can force you to do what you are already doing. There may be rows you'd rather not hoe, but for the sake of your future you do it anyway. You look forward to tomorrow, and you know that even if you aren't completely prepared, you can and will make it, because you can and will learn how to. Saying 'the sky's the limit' is untrue, because you can reach beyond. There are many things only you can understand because others aren't willing to learn. They won't open their minds unless someone does it for them, and some things can only be learned voluntarily. Some things can only be learned if one knows how to learn and loves learning itself. Some things can only be experienced with open eyes. Hiding from the world, and even from themselves, many cannot understand that.

How can you revel in the glory of the sunrise if you won't wake up?

How can you marvel at the beauty of a flower if you won't stop and look?

How can you breathe the fresh sea air if you won't leave your house?

How can you find if you won't seek?

You can't.

Neither can you reach your full potential if you limit yourself by closing your mind to knowledge. So open your mind. Shake yourself free of the tangling cords around you, hindering you from truly living. Shake yourself free and fly into the blue sky that expands with every new thing you learn. Soar into your ever-growing horizon, and learn what it is to be truly free.

~Kristan Mikala Age:15~

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

From me to all of you mothers that read my blog! Thanks for listening to me, encouraging me, advising me, and laughing with me as I journey through this ever changing path of motherhood! :)

Love you! :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Less Words Thursday

Since I used too many words on Wednesday!

Here's a couple of pictures from the tarmac of our local airport that I took last night. I have the hook up! ;)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Plans for the Week (And Into Next)

This week we've got some new stuff going on around here. To start with, Bob got a new job working at the local airport! He started yesterday and he loves it! I'm so glad. :) I was worried that he would have to go away for an internship for the summer but it turns out he's too he's over qualified for internships. They just want people who have no experience in the field - he did the same thing in the Air Force - so he applied for a job at our local airport and got it instead. It'll be so nice to have him home all summer! :)

Bob finishes his classes this week and has independent study all week next week. He will also be taking all the tests for the FAA for the Airframe part of his A&P licensing. Next year he will be doing the Power plant part. He's pretty excited to be done with school for the summer.

I plan on doing our daily lessons with the kids through next week - they have already finished with their Math for the year. They are still working on Spelling and Handwriting though. I am going to try and keep some lessons going a couple of days a week through the summer to finish up their spelling and then work on memorizing their times tables. I'm signing them up for the summer reading program at the library as well.

I am going to go to Sioux Falls this Friday for a different community rummage sale. I think I'm going to go with my neighbor while her kids are in school. I kind of wanted to leave earlier so we are there when they open but I guess if I'm meant to have whatever is there, it will still be there when I get to it! :)

We had an incident here yesterday - while I was typing this very post - involving Jozie, 2 of her friends, some neighbor boys, and a BB Gun. It wasn't fun. Nobody got hurt but when Luke came in to tell me that there was a police officer talking to Jozie (I was inside making supper) my heart was in my throat and I went outside to find 2 very terrified little girls.

It turns out that Aiyanna brought out a BB Gun to show Jozie and Shakiah while they were playing yesterday. It was her uncles and she wanted to play cops and robbers. She didn't want her mom to know she had it so she hid it behind our apartment and told the other girls not to tell. Aiyanna went home because her mom was calling her and Shakiah thought she would take the liberty of showing it to some boys from across the street. When she handed it to one of them he took of running home with it and she chased him to try and get it. When he got home he told his mom that she was pointing it at him and he took it from her. She called the police and they came over and confiscated the gun.

When I talked to the police officer I told him that Jozie would never point a gun at anybody, she has been taught respect for them and even shot them with my dad. He said that she wasn't the one who did it (this morning I got the above story from Jozie so I'm pretty sure that the boys lied when they said that Shakiah pointed or "waved" it at them) and he was glad to hear that we had educated our children about guns. I also told him that we have been having quite a bit of trouble from those boys from using swear words - writing them on our front step and calling Jozie the B word - them stealing Luke's toys - which we got back a day later - and one of them taking apart Luke's bike. All within a couple of weeks. Luke even came in crying one day because the older one threatened to beat him up. Joey - Luke's friend who lives right next door - stuck up for him and said it was the other boys problem and he was just being mean to Luke. I asked the police officer to talk to the mother and tell her to keep her kids off our property. I don't send my kids over there to cause trouble and I would expect she would show me the same courtesy.

My next door neighbor, Jennifer, got home about then and the other mother Jennifer to tell her that she didn't call the cops on her kids, just on "the other ones" and her boys still want to play with Joey. She told Jennifer that Joey would have to go to her house to play though because the police said that if their kids come over here anymore they will get a ticket for trespassing. I was grateful that I wasn't the one who had to do the calling! I sort of considered it after all the negative things that have been happening when those boys are around but I didn't want to be one of those moms. I tried to be calm I was upset! You mess with the cubs and Mama Bear gets a little angry!


It's been so long since I have used PhotoShow that I forgot they use the first picture you upload as the opening shot...which was sideways when I uploaded it but I rotated it when I put it in..Oh well...enjoy Belle's big weekend! :)

Looking for Math...

I have decided to completely break from A.C.E. for next year. This year I went "eclectic" in our home school approach. I think I have things pretty much figured out for everything else, I just need a new math. I want to find something that we love that will carry us through to the end and also prepare the kids for the future if they choose to go to college.

I have been thinking about Saxon math because it is so widely used not only in HSing but also in public and private schools. It looks like my kids would pretty easily transition into it for 4th grade from what they have been doing in ACE (that concerned me because I thought ACE was a little slow) and I've heard - from several people I know personally - that their kids found Saxon easy because it has so much review. That concerns me slightly because both my kids hate repetition - though Jozie can really use it - but I can always assign odds or evens as need be so I wasn't overly worried over that point. BUT...then I G00gled reviews for Saxon HS and read several negative reviews. Ranging from the kids thought it was boring and HATED math as a result to using it all the way through High School and not being prepared for college math courses. Of course there were those who said their kids loved it and one Med. Dr. who said her parents used it for her and all of her numerous siblings and she found it one of her favorite subjects through college because it throughly prepared her for college math...hmmm. I suppose if you hate something you are more likely to complain about it than praise it if you like it.

As you can see, I'm confused over that subject.

I am also thinking about Math-U-See because both my kids like using their hands and it's so much easier for Jozie to physically see her math like if she uses blocks or dots or even her fingers. But do you have to use the manipulatives if you don't want to? Luke seems to breeze through math without much instruction at times - sometimes I tell them to do what they know how to do and when they get to a certain page to stop because it's new and they need instructions. Luke will usually just keep going. I don't want it to be boring for him because he has to count blocks if he doesn't need to. I still have to do a little more research on this one - like is it something that you use all the way through high school or is it done by the end of elementary grades and they you have to switch again?

Jozie's GS leader has used Saxon math through for all of her kids except the youngest which she switched to Math-U-See for this year. She's got 6 kids I think and has home schooled them all most of the way through. I'm going to have to give her a call and pick her brain on the 2 different approaches.

Sorry this got so long - sometimes it helps me organize my thought to get them out in "print". :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Something New...

Here's a quick way to earn twenty*five bu(ks for online shopping! I plan on using mine to buy school books for next year...No huge plug...if you want more info, click on the link in my sidebar. It's only good until May 15, 2008 though so click quick if you want to take advantage! I probably won't use the account after my money is out of it - I use PayPal for most everything. But if you click on my link in my sidebar I will get $10 for referring you. Thanks! :)

Oh, some of you will be getting basically the same info via email!

Friday, May 02, 2008

My Exciting Week and Feeling Better

We've had a rather uneventful week since our big snow fall. My dad came to visit and was here until Wed. morning. It's nice to see him, I really wish he lived closer so we could see him more often! :) He got me a new microwave while he was here! I was so excited! He has been such a blessing to us - always asking if there is something that I need everytime he comes. The last time it was a toaster and this time my microwave seemed to be in need of replacement. Though it still works, it was taking longer and longer to do things like cook frozen veggies - and that takes almost 10 minutes! I've had it since before we got married - it's about 10 years old so I suppose it's slowing down. Here's the one we got:
You can click on it for the details. I don't know why it said it's not sold in stores, I got mine at the store...anyway, I wanted something a little bit bigger and better than the one that I had and the other ones there were about the same as my old one and my Dad didn't like the brand names of the rest of them so this is the one we chose. You can change it to like 3 different languages and it says "Enjoy Your Meal" when it's done cooking - the kids really got a kick out of that! I still haven't figured out why I need my microwave to speak 3 different languages - maybe it would teach the kids Spanish or French for me!

Exciting, right...yah.

Pretty much all of our 19 inches of snow is gone - we found out that our little town got more snow in 24 hours than has ever been recorded here. I'm so glad we were here for that!

And last - and definitely least exciting - I had the stomach flu on Wed. night. What fun. I went with my neighbor to her daughters school play so Jozie could see her friend. My stomach had been bothering me most of the day but I kind of ignored it, thinking it must have been something I'd eaten. I guess it's been so long since I was sick I forgot what it was like. Once I got to the school I knew I should have just stayed home. I had barely gotten home and into my PJ's and I was in the bathroom...I'm sure you can guess why! I was up most of the night so I slept most of the day yesterday. I was feeling pretty ok but still achy and sore. I didn't figure I'd sleep too good last night since I slept pretty much all day. I slept like a log. Better than normal...maybe if I sleep all day everyday I would sleep so good every night! LOL But that doesn't leave much time for anything else, does it? :) I'm feeling fine today - but still not ready to eat much!