Friday, November 16, 2007


No, I'm not going to blog about the popular ab*c television show. I did used to watch it until it became more of a chore to watch the people go through their torturous lives on an island that may or may not have really existed...anyway, that's another story.

My loss comes in 2 forms this week:

1. Luke lost his third tooth! He was pretty excited and has been working on this one for quite some time. I thought he was just pushing it because he wanted a visit from the tooth fairy but when I looked at the whole in his mouth closer, I could already see the new one coming in! He is quite proud and talking a little funny because it's his top tooth. Now the one next to it is also loose! I think he's going to be able to sing, "All I want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" this year! My loss - my baby continues to grow up!

2. My insurance company took money out of my old checking account that I am trying to close without my authorization and since it happened on the 8th, there's pretty much nothing I can do about it. We canceled our old policy because we moved to SD and had to get a whole new policy and added renters insurance to cover Bob's tools. At the same time, which was on or about the first of the month, I canceled our old checking account info with them and gave them our new info so that we could close that old IN checking account. Apparently things didn't happen on time or correctly or whatever and they will refund our money but not until they are positive that they have it. For some odd reason their accounting department can't see that the payment came out of my account over a week ago and I no longer own that's not floating around in space or anything, according to my bank it's now property of X Insurance! So I had to have my bank fax them a copy of my statement showing that the payment was indeed made and MAYBE I can get a check issued next week - isn't it wonderful that these kinds of things always happen on Fridays? Oh, and they can't just credit my checking account with the money because of some law that seems to apply to them saying that since they are a business they can't put money into personal accounts? Doesn't WalMar*t credit my credit card (which is really my PERSONAL checking account) when I bring in a return? They are a business and they can do it, why can't my insurance to it? And do you think someone from the insurance company would have the courtesy to call me back when I left a message on the voicemail of that always unavailable manager? Of course not, I guess little things like unauthorized bank payments don't really concern them that much! I did talk to one lady that said that if we incur any overdraft fees because of their mistake than the insurance company will take care of them....but at this point that isn't in writing and I won't hold my breath!

Well, now that that's off my chest, I need to go and get supper ready and play a game of Yahtzee with the kids. They (well, really Jozie) have been complaining about doing addition and subtraction lately, especially when the numbers get up into the thousands, so I thought we would play a math game and hopefully they will get the practice in without them even noticing it! Think I'm sneaky enough? Or will it be obvious when it comes to adding up their scores that I was just trying to squeeze an extra math lesson out of the day? :) Guess we will wait and see!

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

Oh, I totally understand on the insurance thing. That's never happened to us but we really had some issues after we sold our house and it seemed we'd never get OUR money. And they had this law and that law and supposedly couldn't disclose information over the phone with us on OUR account. So stupid.

What a great idea to play Yahtzee with the kiddos! Wonder if mine would catch on to that one?

Amie said...

What a clever way to sneak in some math ;)

I hope you get the bank stuff straightened out quickly. That stuff can be a nightmare.

Regarding you comment on my sewing machine...bags of stamps? What for? Craft stamps?

Risa said...

Bob collects stamps. He got them in grocery sacks from a garage sale - they were already posted stamps that people had cut from envelopes. They are still worth some money, I guess, so you have to soak them in water to get the piece of envelope separated from the stamp and then you dry the stamps and put them in wax envelopes or in a stamp book. It's one of his many hobbies...

Jodie said...

I'm steamed for you on the insurance thing. It better all work out in your favor. Don't give up until it does!