Monday, February 19, 2007

Bloggy Break!

We are taking the kids and going to SD to see Bob's family and check out the school that he wants to go to in the fall so I will be on a bloggy break until March 1. I will update you when we get back from our trip.

Later! :)

Fun Monday

Something to brighten your not-so-exciting-Monday! I found this while surfing today and thought I would share it with all my fellow blogging flautists! :) This guy, Greg Pattillo, does the beatbox while he is playing his flute! Makes me want to pull out my flute, dust it off, and try this out! Although it's been so long since I have actually played my flute, I doubt I could come close! :) I wonder if he plays the piccolo also...that would be cool to see too! Anna, wouldn't that have been fun for Solo and Ensemble?! I wonder what the judges would have thought! LOL

Friday, February 16, 2007

Peanut Butter and Paper Hats

We have been eating Peanut Butter from the number starting "2111"! I heard about the peanut butter recall a few days ago but didn't worry too much about it because we get our peanut butter from Sam's Club in the huge economy size container and they weren't mentioned in the recall. With so many people in the house it is a staple! The kids even had peanut butter and banana sandwiches yesterday for lunch and I didn't think much of it until today when I figured what would it hurt to check the number. Sure enough, there on the side in hardly distinguishable numbers was "2111...". I called ConAgra to find out what I should do and they said I still have to send in the lid with the number on a piece of paper. So, we throw out what little is left in the 6 lb. container and hopefully get a full refund. I doubt anyone will be getting sick anytime soon because nobody got sick through the first 5 lbs. but just to be on the safe side, we will be getting new peanut butter the next time we get groceries! :)

Now, on to the paper hats! :) Luke has been folding a lot of paper airplanes lately with Daddy. They got a book of them for Christmas and Luke just loves to do anything with paper, from folding, to painting, to drawing. So, in his paper folding craze this week, he has discovered - all on his own - how to fold a paper hat! He's been making hats for the dog, and for Papa John, and for Daddy and all his and Jozie's dolls and stuffed animals. This morning I mentioned that he could make a bigger one out of old newspaper so now his fingers are black from folding them! What a kid, at least he is content to fold old newspapers and doesn't require special colored paper - yet!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Angels and Buster

Well, today was another snow day for the local schools and since Sami was home, it was pointless to get the kids to do any amount of school work. Yesterday I told the kids we would do something fun for school and Luke says, "Fun? I'll tell you what would be fun! It would be fun to throw all of our school work in the trash!" So, I skipped school work for the day, hoping that tomorrow will bring a better attitude with the new snow! :)

We spent some time outside this morning shoveling out, here are a few pictures of the kids in the snow...

Luke thought it would be a good idea to bury his sister in the snow, so did she until he decided to bury her face too!

Here's my Snow Angel :)

Luke doing "man's work"! - Bob is way in the background with his favorite toy, his snow blower!

Jozie and Buster playing tug in the kitchen.

Buster. He is freaked out by things in front of your face - even the camera - so he gets this look on his face and starts getting crazy. He is a Boxer but his ears and tail were not cut as a baby. His other parts were though so there will be no little Busters for this family!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Things have been rather slow around here so I don't have much to say. Here's a few bullets about what's been up lately...

  • We are planning a trip west to visit Watertown, SD and see what the town is like and some apartments we are applying at. That way if one becomes available we can say if we want it or not. We will be visiting Bob's family in Springfield, SD and in Omaha, NE. Whatever we do it will be nice to get out of here for a while! :)
  • John got a dog. I haven't taken pictures of it yet but the kids adore it. It's a boxer named Buster and he's 2 yrs old. I can't say I am that thrilled with him, hence the lack of pictures. It plays pretty rough and chews on your hand if you get it to close to his mouth when you are playing - I have 2 bruises on my fingers from where he bit me while he was playing. It's even growled and snapped at me a couple of times which really makes me not want the kids around it. He seems to be pretty good with them so far but can also get rough with them.
  • I went ice skating again but this time without my kids with the young adults group at church. Of course there were only 6 of us that showed up and 3 of them were an hour late but at least the ice wasn't half melted like the last time. This time I actually skated but wasn't thrilled with the condition of the ice being that it was full of gouges and it almost made your teeth rattle while you skated across it, I almost tripped a couple of times because of them! I think they need to invest in a Zamboni...Isaac said he was going to skate backwards and pe*e (so some weirdo doesn't google that word and come here, eew...) but then decided that would leave too much of a yellowish streak so he didn't. He's quite a character!
  • We are supposed to get a lot of snow over the next couple of days...great. I guess I do remember saying I WANTED snow a time or two but now that it's here I want it to go away...what ever happened to Phil's prediction of an early spring!??!
  • Kristin and I started a Tae Bo class at our church last week. We had 2 other ladies show up with more promising to come this week. I have to do it alone this week because Kristin went to the UP for a week. It's fun but neither of us have actually done Tae Bo before. We are starting out with the foundations video that teaches you to do all the kicks and punches then we will work our way up from there.
  • I'm thinking of redoing my blog because of this blog post from Rocks in My Dryer that I read recently. I may just end this one and start a new one with all new names for my kids and no pictures of faces....we'll see. I'm still thinking about it because it's not like my blog generates that much traffic that I worry about who reads it. I do have Site Meter and I check it on a regular basis and find very few strange lurkers.
  • We are going to a Valentines Day party with our homeschool group on Thursday. There are 65 kids on the list - that equals a lot of valentines! The kids are excited about it, they had a ton of fun last year.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Which Jane Austin Heroine Are You?

You scored as Fanny Price. You're Fanny Price from Mansfield Park! You are quiet and feel alone most of the time, and you don't usually speak out. Because of your quiet, sweet nature, you are sometimes used as a most unfortunate scapegoat.

Fanny Price


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Which Jane Austen heroine are you?
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Amie, who are you?

Here's the website, I don't think blogger likes the code that this one is published in...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Fun Contest! Free Stuff!

There's a contest going on at Five Minutes for Mom! Enter here for a chance to win a be-u-ti-ful piece of jewelry from Ali's Originals! Good luck! :)


For the first time since 1999 Phil has seen his shadow! Not that I put much stock in this old German superstition, but just the thought of early spring gets me excited! Go Phil! Hooray for early spring!

"Phil Says Spring is Right Around the Corner!

Phil's official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler's Knob:

El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler's Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way."

*From the official site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.