Monday, December 17, 2007

Jozie's Gift

Jozie has a friend who lives a few doors down from us. She's a tiny thing that's in Kindergarten and she loves to play outside with Jozie. In the nicer weather - even when it was cold with no snow - you could count on a little knock on the door and know it was her with her smiling little face asking if Jozie could come out and play. An adorable little girl to say the least! Jozie looked forward to it everyday and most days worked hard at her school work to get it done before her friend got here to play.

Things have changed though since we got snow. Her little friend has only been here one day and she came with only a little winter coat to ask if Jozie could come out and play. Jozie was having a bad day so I had to say no...I always feel so bad saying no because the little girl goes away without her pretty smile. Since then, Jozie has been out almost everyday in the afternoon with her other friends to play and goes to ask her little friend to come out only to be told no.

Last night Jozie came to me with an excitement she could hardly contain. She told me that she knew what she wanted to give her little friend for Christmas. I was a little afraid to ask her what that was, being that I don't even have the money to get her much for Christmas, not to mention every one of her friends. But, so as not to upset her or make her feel bad, I asked her what and she told me that her friend doesn't have any outside cloths to play in the snow and she wanted to give her friend her extra ones - snow pants, gloves, mittens, a scarf, and 2 hats, along with some homemade rock candy that we made for Christmas - she doesn't use them anyway. I was proud of her for making such a loving decision. Though her extra show clothes are used and the snow pants are hand-me-downs, what could I say? She feels bad that we don't have any boots that would fit her - and to be honest, the snow pants will probably be far too big but still wearable - but she is excited to give her "gift" none the less. I am so proud of her for thinking of her little friend, Jozie has such a big heart for giving. I just hope that her little friends' parents don't take it the wrong way and understand that it was all Jozie's doing just because she wants to play with her little friend again.

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Jodie said...
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Jodie said...

Aww that is sweet. I hope it all goes down well. You'll have to update us after she gives her the present.

Amie said...

Oh, that is so sweet :D

Jamie said...

ohhh thats so thoughtful! i love their sweet, innocent hearts and their childlike faith!