Saturday, December 15, 2007

Giants and Unicorns

We just finished The Li0n, The Witch, and The Wardr0be by C.S. Lewis yesterday and we plan on watching the moving again this afternoon to see what differences we can find. I'm sure there are a few! :) These are the pictures that the kids drew that were inspired by the story. Notice Jozie's rainbow - I don't remember that in the story but what 8-year-old girl can draw a unicorn without a rainbow? (she got her talent for drawing from me, can't you tell?!) LOL Luke went as far as to put a little man under the giants foot that he was stepping on in the Battle. He was enthralled by this character and found his coming back to life from stone quite comical! :)

Jozie's Unicorn

Luke's Giant Rumblebuffin

1 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

My kids enjoyed the movie so much more after we read the book! I won't tell you the differences they found.

Right now we are reading The Horse and His Boy. Well, we have been for months because it's a lot harder for them to follow.