Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Something Fun to See

Check out this video that the Church of God International did with some of the kids from the youth group at our church. It will be shown Internationally (duh) and the kids are pretty excited about it. Kristin is in it too, can you spot her? There is also a fellow homeschooled child, could you pick her out?

To see it you have to click on the link above then scroll down to YWEA DVD RESOURCES and then click on the Youth link. It says (WMV) next to it and also Direct Download.

3 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

Well, I couldn't tell who was homeschooled...the girl on the bench is my guess;) You didn't mention John was in the video too! He's gonna be famous now;)

Risa a.k.a Mom"Git-R-Done!" said...

My point was that you couldn't tell who was homeschooled, it was the girl who talked about the Polish population in Chicago being only less than the capital city of Poland. Why did you pick Tara (the girl on the bench)? She is a reletively new christian and actually from Texas! They all did a WONDERFUL job and they are excited to see where it will take YWEA in the future.

Princess Ruby said...

It was just a guess because I really had NO clue!!!!! That is pretty exciting for them all! Awesome!