Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Christmas Letter to Homeschooling Moms

I found this letter last year and I found it encouraging so I decided to post it this year.

From Julee Huy

A Christmas Letter to Homeschooling Moms

Do you know how you plan to perform this amazing feat that you are going to attempt this month? In this month, you are planning on performing your regular duties of keeping the home, teaching your children, ministering to your family and all of your other regular responsibilities you always do. But that’s not all, oh no, not even close. This month you also plan to add some, if not all of the following: shopping, (meaning toy stores, clothes stores, electronic stores, malls and any other place that is generally filled with frantic people) baking, visiting, decorating, hosting and/or attending large family gatherings, church activities and potlucks and so much more. Do you know, dear mother, how you plan to not only survive, but also make it a joy filled time for you and your family?

As we begin this busy holiday season I thought it would be nice to send out a hello, some resources and an encouraging word to you.

We are in the beginning days of this month, and already I have begun to feel like it is going to be over before I blink. My biggest fear is that I’ll get to December 26th and have nothing but torn up wrapping paper to show for it. The question is how do we do it? How can we, as mothers, ensure that we will experience all that we can this season?

Make A Plan

If you’re going to get something done correctly, you need a plan. Now, before you rush to get your pens and papers, index cards, calendars and other such planning paraphernalia, STOP! Yes, I said stop even though you have a lot to do. Stop and breathe. Take some time for yourself (even just 15 minutes) and relax. What is it that you desire for yourself and your family this month? Think about the things that are most important to you. Sit for a moment and consider the days ahead. When you’re finished, do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day until you find yourself resting in your plans and goals for each day.


I love the Christmas season, with the lights, parties, cold nights and even the shopping. There is just something fun about going shopping in stores decorated sometimes to the max with Christmas decorations. What I love the most though, is the special memories I have of time spent with family during this season. So, before you rush off to attend every social gathering you feel obligated to go to, stop (yes, I did say stop again) and think. Think about your kids and your family, what is going to be the most meaningful to them, what will your kids remember when they have their own families? Am I suggesting that we live up to our cliché reputation of being anti-social and socially unfit homeschoolers? No, but for the sake of your families, please do take the time to prioritize your holidays.


Make this an extra special month. Incorporate “Christmas” into your everyday activities. Sing Christmas carols in the car, then turn down the music and discuss the meanings and stories behind the songs. Surprise the kids with a small candy or ornament or Christmas worksheet during school. At our house, we are having what we call “Christmas Class” everyday at 2:30. The kids and I sing songs, do crafts, have hot chocolate, read books and for about 30 minutes a day generally have a small Christmas party together. It’s my hope that as I do these small things for my kids, they will have special memories of Christmas time. Time spent together as a family and time spent with the Lord.

Now I know that you are all special gifted women and nothing I’ve said here is new to you. I only hope that if you needed a special smile or even just an excuse to slow things down that you found it here. I will be praying for us all as we endeavor to serve our families this Christmas season. May you and your family receive an extra blessing this month as you celebrate together.

Merry Christmas,
Julee Huy

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Princess Ruby said...

THANKS so much for posting that Risa! I needed it! I keep meaning to do something Christmasy with the kiddos every day and yet I let time escape me. What a great idea to set time aside every day to do something special. Think of the memories they will have!