Saturday, December 16, 2006

Parades and Festivals

Here are some pictures from the Winter Wonder Fest and from the Christmas Parade. The kids had a great time ice skating, this was their first time. Luke was going pretty good by the end of the hour and a half but Jozie held fast to the side of the rink with her friend Hannah! We left early because most of the "rides" were for littler kids and they got tired of waiting in line just to go down a big slide filled with air. So we didn't end up going to the Children's Museum after all but I figured they didn't miss out on much because it isn't half as good as the Indy Children's Museum and they were there twice this fall.

I - unlike some of you! - haven't gotten any of my Christmas baking done! I made Bob the cherry mash bars that he likes but I really don't count that as baking because it doesn't have to go in the oven. As soon as I am done here I am going to go up and see if the kitchen is free to make some fudge - another that's not exactly baking but Bob requested it and who can resist satisfying their husband? :)

I have no idea why my whole thing here is underlined but I guess that's the way it is going to be today because I'm not bothering to figure out why. Who knows! Who has time to care at a time like this with presents to wrap, shopping to finish, and baking to do?!!!? :)

Luke passing Hannah as she holds the wall! :)
(They were at an indoor rink, isn't is strange to see them skating in t-shirts?!)

Jozie, just the way she was the whole hour and a half! :)

Bein' goofy!

The Little Drummer Boy

Ready for the Christmas Parade!

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

I loved those pictures. You guys sure are the parade family.

Princess Ruby said...

Those pictures are so cute! Especially the last one! Wish my kids could try ice skating...I know they had a skating time here pre-Katrina but not sure if they still do. Something I should check into!