Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Highlights

We had a rather uneventful and relaxing day. We called all of our out of town relatives and chatted with them, wishing Christmas cheer. Bob had to work from 7:00am to 5:00pm so the kids not so patiently waited for Daddy to get home to open their gifts. In the mean time we also watched the Christmas Parade and some movies - I spent half the day on the couch in my pajamas! It was actually quiet nice, I don't get to do that often enough! :) The kids had fun with their stocking stuffers and ate their candy while we watched tv. At least most of it is gone now and I don't have to be constantly badgered with "can we have our candy, mom?" questions!

We didn't fuss with a big dinner, just some hot turkey sandwiches and veggies and dip. It was nice to not have to have a big mess to clean up! :)

The kids highlight gifts were their Doodle bear and Doodle Monster ($10 at WalMart day after thanksgiving sale!) and Jozie loves her Cabbage Patch doll and Luke wants to take his new Globe with him everywhere! Don't ask me where he gets his likes and dislikes from. I just knew he liked this little globe I got from the Target Dollar Spot so I found him a big one at a garage sale and got it for him for Christmas. I know, garage sale items are strange for Christmas but the kid loves globes and I didn't want to get him a new big one just to play with and eventually either break or end up collecting dust on a shelf. I decided that I might as well get one that had someone elses dust already accumulated on it! He pointed to Porto Rico and said he wanted to live there someday! What a kid!

My Grandma made them homemade gifts for Christmas. Jozie got a blanket for her babies and Luke got a sack for his matchbox cars. Last year they used the pillow cases that she made them for those purposes and she laughed and said she would make them those things this year. Luke said, "She is one cool grandma!"

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Sounds like a great day! There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding Christmas gifts at garage sales! All your paying for brand new is packaging! We got most of the boy's things from ebay, some of it used.

I love the doll blanket and matchbox holder :D

Princess Ruby said...

I so wanted to get us a globe but have yet to find one. They are so much better than a map in explaining some things in school! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! The kids certainly are growing. I tell ya, one of these Christmases we all need to make it home to guys, Levi, us, Stan & Susie, etc...have a big celebration! And that pic of Luke with his pants falling down looks just like my boys. They are constantly needing belts.

Anna said...

Remember me your old flute buddy? What cute little kids you have your little girl looks like you!