Monday, December 11, 2006


  • One night of silence while the kids were at a sleep over at church - their first with friends without mom!
  • One gift left to get for each person left on my Christmas list.
  • One Aikido lesson left for the year 2007 that we won't be at because we are going to WinterWonderFest at Navy Pier and the Chicago Children's Museum that day
  • One practice left for the Christmas Concert at church that I won't be at because I will be at the above named event! :)
  • One Christmas parade that we were in this year - probably the only one ever! Jozie was an angel with another little boy and held a banner and Luke was the Little Drummer Boy...I think he tried to catch more candy than any of the kids that were watching the parade and not in the parade!
  • One week and a half left until we take Christmas break!
  • One more Christmas Card to do to finish them off and send them!
  • One more day of work until Bob's "weekend" which he has to go to training on one day and then we are going to Chicago the next day!
  • One Christmas Party this week that I don't think I am going to be able to attend because my mom now says she has something else to do AFTER she said she would watch my kids that night...arg...
  • One minute...about the average time that most people spend on my blog.
  • One set of "school pictures" of the kids that I will have left after finishing my Christmas cards.
  • One day until my 17 or so books from the library are overdue! (guess I better get them back or that fine will pile up fast!)
  • One more night at least for the kids to recover from their one night at the sleep over - Luke said he "stayed up all night with his boys" and Jozie said she slept but for how long nobody really knows - except she slept for about 3 hours on the couch the next day!
  • One half more hour before I wake them from the naps that they didn't need because they were fighting and whining ALL DAY!
  • One more straw could break this camels back! :)

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Oh man, I can't imagine my kids going to a sleep over yet. LOL, they would want to come home in the middle of the night. Sounds like they had fun though. Can you email me your address?

Jodie said...

That was too funny! Especially reading about Luke in the parade. :)

Princess Ruby said...

You are on a roll! Let us know how the Navy Pier/Chicago trip goes! How fun! I'm envious your Christmas cards are done...can you come help me out? LOL!