Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finished Baking....Well Almost...:-)

Today I spent the day in the kitchen! I made Fudge, Luke's Brownies (dairy free brownies!), Peppermint Bark, and did I say Fudge? - Yes, I made 2 batches of it because my husband loves it and so does John. I also have to send some to my dad so I think I will have to package that up tomorrow before it's all gone! I have never made it before so I used the recipe on the back of the Marshmallow Cream jar. I don't think it was exactly what they were looking for, I didn't even get a comment on it so I think that was just a polite way of saying that it wasn't that great...though it must have been edible because they ate quite a bit! It wasn't quite as dense as regular fudge, almost airy, probably because of the Marshmallow.

So now all I have to bake is my traditional Spice cookies, my grandmas recipe with a Risa twist, of course! :) I just don't squash the balls with a fork like she does, I leave them to spared on their own and they come out pretty much perfectly round and uniform size if the balls are all the same. Jamie will know the cookies that I am talking about! :) Grandma makes them every year too! Since I have been gone - and a couple of years before I moved - I have been making them on my own because my kids and my husband can't seem to get enough.

Oh, and I am going to make dipped pretzels and dipped Ritz crackers with peanut butter between them. Well, that's the plan anyway... :)

I am also almost done with my shopping. I am going to make a trip to the Family Christian Store - the only Christian books store around here, it's very disappointing! - to get the kids the Bibles they have been asking for. I am just going to get them cheap ones for now until they are reading better on their own and really wanting to get into the Word. Right now they really want them just to take to church because they get points for Sunday School and Children's Church when they bring them.

I don't see a white Christmas for us this year either. Very disappointing, it is hard to see Christmas without snow. We thought it was going to be green last year though and it snowed Christmas Day. It was very pretty - hopefully that will happen again this year but so far we've only gotten rain :P

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

We might get snow tomorrow, but it doesn't look like the kind that will accumulate.

All your baking sounds great!

Jodie said...

Happy baking and Merry Christmas!

Princess Ruby said...

Yum!!! Those treats all sound delicious! I sure miss family Christmas dinners together...ah the memories... Merry Christmas cuz!