Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hair and Hot Air

Some of you have probably been wondering what is going through my head letting my kid grow his hair so long...well, he has a friend at church that is in the youth group who has long hair. Not really long, just longish, and Luke has been wanting his hair to be like Richie's so we have been letting him try it out. I haven't really liked the look too much but we decided to let him try it, it is, after all, just hair and can be easily cut at any time. It never really looked like Richie's. Luke's hair is just too fine and he has two swirls right on the top of his head - both going in opposite directions right next to each other. It's cute, but his hair never really layed right. So we decided this week that something had to be done...we made him cut his hair. To be honest with you, I think he was some what relieved after it was all over. He was tired of it being long and I don't think he will ever want to try it again. He likes it short so he can spike it and give himself a "mohog" as he calls it. :) What a kid!

I decided to post a before and after shot so you all can see that I haven't neglected my son's hair and it is indeed short! :)

Shaggy Do...

New Do!
There's my Boy!
(He had to demonstrate his quarter balancing abilities on the tip of his finger too!)

Oh, yeah, we had our annual Christmas Cantata last Sunday at church and it seems that I told Bob that there wasn't going to be enough light to get any good pictures but he had to try anyway. Here we are. You sorta get the effect with the lighting and all. It was very pretty and I thought we did a pretty good job for being such a small group this year. I guess most people just didn't have time for it this year. We did "Sing Joy". It was more of a Black Gospel program - and we only had 4 black people in it! :) But we pulled it off and it was a lot of fun. I'm just glad it's over! I only joined because I wanted Kristin to get more involved and I figured I would be happily moved into my own house - or AT LEST an apartment - by now and I wouldn't be there to sing. Well, I was wrong. I had to sing. It wasn't bad except we had to stand the whole time - it was almost 2 hours! And I had on shoes that were a size too small! (I gave them to Kristin after it was over because she has smaller feet than me. I loved them, they were cute and made my feet looks small but I guess we just weren't meant to be together!)

I told him "too dark for good pictures" but do you think he would listen to me? I am on the right hand side 4th from the end - actually I think that's Kimmy, I believe I am behind her and you can't even SEE me! :)

Here I am! I am half covered by Kimmy here and next to the guy in the tux. The men all wore tux's or black suits with a faux tux shirt under it and the ladies all wore black long skirts and red tops.

2 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

That long hair look is quite in with the boys these days. I notice lots of little boys in our church (the ones with the trendy moms) have it :D I think it's cute actually.

Oh, I wish I could go skating! Especially since the township we moved to is going to have an outdoor rink. I guess it's out of the question this year though, although I am going to ask my midwife about cross country skiing.

Princess Ruby said...

Boys everywhere have that style, but I can't see my boys with it;) As a matter of fact I hate when Josiah's hair gets just past his ears. He is due for a haircut sometime this week- daddy does such a great job! Love Luke's new do! Can't get over how much he looks like Levi- especially with the longer hair. That's nice of Bob to still try to take pics of you, bad lighting and all;)