Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Okay, Okay...

So it's been awhile! You guys found me out so I guess I will get my act together and try my hand at blogging again. :) I had to change my title because we are in the process of relocating to Northern Indiana so Bob can be closer to his job. And let me tell you, house hunting in the Chicago area is no piece of cake! We have been looking for almost 2 months now and with no success. So, we are now trying to find a place to rent :( but hopefully we can get a month to month lease so that we can continue to look for a place to buy.

Things are definitely different here than the UP! We are starting to get used to the traffic and having a little easier time finding our way around but it's not like living in little Houghton where everything is within a few close miles! With only a fraction of the traffic here.

In our almost 2 months within 30 min. drive of downtown Chicago, we haven't been there once! No museums, plays, concerts, or zoos! I might as well live in the UP! :) Hopefully once things get settled down and we have our own place, we can make a point of doing those kinds of things with the kids. We did make that all important trip to Chuckie Cheese's last week though! Luke loved the monster truck and went on it about 5 times - until something happened to it and didn't work anymore! Jozie liked the spider stomping game - she hates spiders so she thought the screams and squashing sounds that the bugs made were great! It was funny when she went on the flying bicycle, she's afraid of heights and even with the seat belt she screamed every time it came off the platform - I don't think she even got it to it's fully extended height of about 5 or 6 feet! :)

We are hoping to go to a zoo or two sometime this summer and maybe leave the kids with my mom and go visit the Amish country just south of MI.

Speaking of MI - it's strange that we moved out of MI to Indiana to end up being closer to my dad who now lives in Flint, MI - and we live in a completely different state! In the UP we were about 10 hours away from him and now we are about 4 hours away! I don't think some people realize how big MI is.

2 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I didn't know your dad moved to Flint?! I also didn't realize you were so close to Chicago. Thats cool.

We just brought the boys to Chuck E. Cheese in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago, they love it! I'm actually glad we don't have one closer or they would always be begging to go.

Princess Ruby said...

Glad to see you on here! I sure hope we get to visit now that I am in the U.P. visiting. I didn't think you were close to Chicago either, I thought you were going to Indiana and I just assumed the central part. I keep asking my mom how you are doing. I want to catch up! I am sure you will have many great homeschooling field trip opportunities in the Chicago area. I don't see how anybody could get used to that traffic- we just drove through there yesterday and it wasn't too busy but I don't think I could get used to it (or the tolls). Jamie