Saturday, June 18, 2005

Here are my first pictures!

Here is my first attempt of pictures - I haven't put up one of myself yet because I haven't found a good one yet - I will have to experiment when nobody else is around sometime! :) We went to a church picnic today at a pretty park that has a small lake in it. The kids had a good time playing with their new friend Joe - the pastors son - and some of the other kids there that we didn't know. Auntie Daune is ALL of the childrens' auntie, and they were both wearing pink shirts today so they said they were the "Pink Girls" and had their picture taken together. Siearra - sp? - is the pastors daughter.

Levi is coming to see us again soon!!!! The kids are extremely excited about and he is bringing Jaclyn, so I will get some better pictures of her then! :) These aren't that great because they were scanned in at the same time and they were matte finish so they didn't scan so well - the top one is Jozie hugging her around the waist:)

Well, Bob is getting his father's day gift early this year. He is at the races with John and they took Sam and Luke. Luke was pretty excited about it but did't get a nap in today - and we were up until almost midnight last night! We will see how things went when they get home! I will keep you posted and write again tomorrow with more pictures - I'm sure - of what they got to see!