Friday, June 24, 2005

The House Hunt Continues...

Well, we are still looking for a home. After talking to almost EVERY appartment complex within 30 miles from here, we are still at base one. The reason being is that we can't find a place that will rent month to month like we were renting in MI, so when we DO find a house - which we would MUCH rather live in - we can move there immediately instead of committing to a whole year to a place that we don't even want to be in. Besides that, every apartment complex that we have talked to has an application fee between $25 and $60 - which we can't afford to spend at every place that is a possibility. Who can? Esp. when it is non-refundable, even if our application doesn't end up being accepted.

So, we are currently renting from my mom - basicly paying her to sleep in her basement. At least it is basicly finished and it has a bathroom in it. We have our computer down here and we have a router so we are just hooked into their cable modem. Through this we are hoping to save some money and pay off some bills and keep looking for a place of our own in the mean time.

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