Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Just call me if you need me, Dad!"

Luke is such a sweet boy - when he wants to be! A couple of weeks ago Bob was leaving for work - driving the motorcoach for a Christian rock band called Skillet - and we were giving him our hugs and kisses and saying our good-byes when Luke says, "Just call me if you need me, Dad! - Anytime!", in the most searous face and voice that a 4 year old can have. We tried not to chuckle and asked him to repeat it, so we could make sure that's what he said, and sure enough he did. So Dad complied and asked if he called when he needed Luke if he would talk to him (Luke doesn't talk on the phone much - he's way to busy!) and Luke said he would. The next day Bob called and I talked to him for a few minutes, then Jozie had her turn and it came back to me when Bob asked to talk to Luke. I told Luke that Dad wanted to talk to him and he says, "Does he need me?" Of course I told Luke yes. And Luke actually sat still for a decent conversation for once! :) I guess we will have to remember that for future use!

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