Friday, June 24, 2005

The Great Mulberry Fiasco!

It all started one warm afternoon in the kitchen...The Suspect was bring in handfulls of Mulberries off the tree in the yard. He was going to have them for dinner with his watermelon - or so he said. I went out to check on him, knowing he always eats more than he brings in and not wanting them all over the porch, and found some pretty incriminating evidence! There were mulberries on the deck, on the deck railing (see clue #2) and there were some on the mat (see clue #1) plus it was all over his face (see The Suspect)! After playing all afternoon in the pool, he didn't have his sandles on so I fould later that night the place that was stained even worse than anything were the bottom of his feet! Purple from walking on the mulberries on the ground! I hope we find a house WITHOUT a mulberry tree in the yard! Jozie doesn't care for them much but once in a while she will also come in the house with purple lips and fingers!

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