Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Day of Houses!

Well, today we spent almost all day driving around looking at houses. We found the first house in Gary a couple of weeks ago and just loved it - Actually our Pastor saw it first! We were supposed to see the inside of it today but after we got there and waited for the lady for over an hour, she called and said that she got tied up and couldn't show it today. The only problem with the house is its location - and a few repairs that we could see on the outside. It's in Gary and though it's a nicer part of town compared to the rest of it, it's still Gary. It's a bit farther away from this area that we are in right now and also, Gary isn't the nicest town. It has a slate roof and it has a small balcony on the back of it. We aren't sure how big or how much - something we were supposed to find out today - but I will tell more after we get inside and I will post pictures of the inside also.
The second house is in - well, I'm not exactly sure, I don't remember and all these places just seem to run together, separated by the street. But it's uninhabited and for sale and has a relatively large back yard that is fenced with the 2 front garages that you can sort of see in the picture and there is a single detached garage in the back. I don't know the price but again the area isn't the greatest - thus the reason that we could consider looking at a house like either of these two houses!
I guess back in the day, Gary, IN was a very prevalent area but over the years it has been rundown and very deteriorated. The money moved out in most areas and the crime moved in. I guess that's the way it goes in most places when the money moved out, isn't it?
Anyway, these are only 2 of the houses that we have been looking at - most of the other ones were pretty normal, these 2 were just so out-of-the-ordinary and beautiful places that I thought I would share them with you all.

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Princess Ruby said...

WoW! Those look like some beautiful houses. Too bad they're in a not-so-desirable location. How stinky that the lady didn't show up either. I know what it is like to be in transition and not knowing where you will live... Just know that there is a place just for you and the Lord will open its door at the right time.