Sunday, July 03, 2005

Blasted Car Seats!!! (Thanks Jamie! :)

I will definately second that! Here in Indiana, we just found out Friday, that they passed a new law that says that children have to be in booster seats from the age of 4, to the age of 8!!! Can you believe it?! Jozie has been out of her car seat for almost a year and a half, and Luke for almost a year - except for when we travel on long trips. Fortunately, we do still have them in Michigan but Jozie's is too small and Luke's is getting there so now we are going to have to invest in larger ones that will fit for hopefully the next 3 years! And we also, will have to have the anchor system put in our van! Will this ever end?! Can you imagine taking a carfull of 3rd graders on a field trip but you can't fit more than 4 of them in your VAN because there aren't enough sholder seatbelts (you can only use a booster seat with a sholder belt)!!!

1 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

LOL...thanks for the warning. We also need to get the anchors installed...At least they're free.