Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're Set!

Well, almost...

Ok, let me back up, I'm getting ahead of myself. Some of you may or may not know that we are going on a quick trip to MI/MN/WI/IN...we will be gone for a little over 2 weeks. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is that we have to leave Bob behind. :( He could never get that kind of time off from school and work unless it was Christmas or maybe spring break. I wanted to get this trip done before the snow claims the UP so those dates are pretty much out of the question.

So the "we're set" is that Levi got the dates off - Oct 3rd throuth the 19th - and the "well, almost" is that we are still waiting for plane tickets from my dad. He flies for work so he has a lot of frequent flier miles to use up and since we've all been wanting to get together for sometime this seemed to be our only wan to do it. And A. Debbie and U. Lyle wanted to see me and the kids (and Bob too, but we've already went over the why not with him) so we are going to see them as well...but I'm getting ahead of myself again! LOL

Here's a map of our tentitive course:

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Chances are - if your town is on the map, plan on getting a call from us in the next couple of days! Amie and Jodie Z. included!

Here's our projected tentitive schedule...everything is moveable by a day or so...

Fly in to Chicago - Jodie F. if you aren't too busy and you want to meet me and the kids for lunch leave me a FB message or a comment here and we can work things out! - (Flint for Levi) and go to my mom's to get our rental car. We will probably stay at her house for a day or so and then travel to either Flint to travel with my dad and Levi from there to Houghton Lake where we will stay with my A. and U. for a couple of days. Tues. we were hoping to maybe swing by and see Jeremiah and Amie (I haven't called yet because we just made up all these possible plans last night and they aren't concrete on the exact time and day yet) for lunch or something then go on up to the UP - with a few stops in between (my brother is going to have a rude awakening about traveling with kids!). We plan on spending a few days at the farm with my dad (I'm pretty excited about staying there - I love going home!) and seeing U. Kimmy and A. Darlene and Grandma and Grandpa and anybody else who we hope to see there. Sometime over the weekend or the beginning of the following week we want to travel to Mpls. to see Josh and Bethany and maybe Jodie if she has the time. We will probably only stay one night but if our rental car permits we may stay 2 - the kids have expressed a desire to go to the Mall of Am. and I think they are old enough to remember an event such as that. So if we have the time we want to take them there and maybe ride a ride and see LegoLand there (Luke is a lego freak!). On our way back to my mom's, we want to stop in Stevens Point to see Jeremy R. for lunch or something. Finally back at my moms by Tues. or Wed. at the LATEST (this all depents on how long we have our rental car - my mom is renting one for us so graciously so we can see her as well), spend the rest of our time there and fly out on Sun. or so.

So it's a lot of people and places - and miles! - to pack into a few days. It seems like plenty of time when you refer to it as a little over 2 weeks but when you look at the fact that we are traveling through 5 states in that doesn't seem like NEARLY enough time to see everyone! So, I will be packing and planning and not really looking forward to air travel with 2 kids over the next couple of weeks and probably won't be posting much on here!

For now, we are getting ready to go to Luke's last soccer game of the season so I better get moving. (He asked me the other day if he could have "the guys over" so they could play together before next spring...yah, I want 5 more boys with as much energy as Luke all about the same age here in our tiny apartment for ANY amount of time - I don't think so Tim!)

Have a great weekend! :)

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

Well if your in Minneapolis on a weekend I wonder if we could drive up there...we could have the whole gang get together. My boys would love Legoland. I guess it just'll have to keep me updated. You must be so excited!!!! At least the kids are old enough to fend for themselves in regards to flying...I love flying!

Amie said...

I hope you can make it here, we would LOVE to see you guys!

Jodie said...

Holy trip batman. Of course I want to see you if you're here! Sheesh! I'll make time.

Anna said...

Oh you lucky duck, I wanna go! Have a great trip!