Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Laughing with Luke

Last night after I got my flowers from Bob I decided I should go to the store to get him something...the only problem was what? Neither one of us need anything and he wouldn't care for flowers (besides, we already had one beautiful arrangement at home but even one more would make my living room to look like a funeral parlor)! So I made the mistake of asking the kids, "What should I get Daddy for our anniversary?" Luke - the first thing he said was, "That 10 lb. chocolate cemetary thingy at wal.fart in the Holloween isle!" Yah, I'm going to give my husband a 10 lb. chocolate tombstone for our anniversary! Next, he said we should get him a really nice, very good, tie....Well...when does a mechanic wear a tie and where would he wear one? So that one was ix-nayed. Another one he suggested was a candygram, since daddy likes candy!

I ended up getting him a nice card (it's hard to shop for an anniversy card with kids who like to point out all the funny or gross ones and they are opening all the noisy cards when you are trying to hear one!), a nice dinner (I got fried chicken because I didn't really want to cook on my anniversary!) and dessert, plus some chocolate covered cashews and candy corn. I feel back on the old reliable, food! I still feel bad so I may have to get him, oh, maybe a 4G jump drive that he's been wanting...or a new gun case or sling for one of his guns...we'll see. Now that I've had some time to think about it!

Today Jodie updated her blog with this cute picture of her mom's new puppies. They were so cute I called the kids to look at it and Luke says, "Did that black lab lay those?!" LOL I had to laugh!

The things that kid comes up with!

3 Comments For Risa:

Anna said...

It sure is hard to shop for a husband!! We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, and I too had some confusion with shopping, I ended up making a frame with pictures of all our kids in it and us of course. Pretty much summing up our life for the past 10 years:) He loved it!

Jamie said...

Yeah we just bypass that whole thing and get what we want. I don't think I mentioned on my blog (I need to) that Zach got me a necklace from Walmart for my birthday. Did I mention I think its so ugly? I went to return it (he said it was ok) and turns out its a GUYS necklace!!! So it turns out better to sometimes shop for ourselves;)

Jodie said...

I LOVED the 10lb chocolate tombstone for a present. That is so funny! Guys are harder to buy for and usually more expensive too. Luke lay those comment was funny too!