Monday, September 15, 2008

Luke in Soccer

One Happy Kid!

Luke has really been enjoying his soccer season. His team is undefeated and they tied once...the rest of the games the coach was telling the boys to hold back some to let the other team get some goals. LOL They don't really have practice except for a few minutes before the games. There are only 6 kids per team and only 4 are on the field for each team at a time. They don't have a goalie, they have a "sweeper" who isn't allowed to touch the ball but can stand guard of the net. There was one goal in the tied game they had the should have gone in but the sweeper on the other team used his hands to stop the ball. They should have just given Luke's team (Liverpool) the goal but I guess that's not the way they do things...Bob was able to attend Luke's game on Sat. because it was his weekend off. Luke was thrilled to have Daddy at his game for the first time. He played his first game ever and scored 2 goals for his team. He was so excited he asked me more than once if I was proud of him for making 2 goals. He is not a very aggressive player - which surprises me since he is so aggressive and competitive in almost everything else he does - esp. if he's competing against his sister...

So, we have a make up game tonight for one that was canceled because of lightning last week. I think he only has like 4 more games left. After next week the season is over. I'm sure he will miss it and I've really enjoyed watching him play!

The Team - Luke is #3

Time to line up!

Team "Practice"

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