Monday, September 08, 2008

Picture Neglect. II

Ok, Bob and Luke went with Taylor (one of Bob's friends from school) to get some shooting practice in so I might be able to get another set of pictures up....lets see if I can get both the Little House and soccer on before they get home!

We had a wonderful trip to DeSmet. The tours were great - I wasn't supposed to take pictures inside some of the buildings but I had my camera in my hand and I forgot a few times. Laura's prairie was beautiful. Words can't describe how neat it was to stand where she stood and look at the same sunset that she did and hear the same night noises as her. I was sad to leave. It gave me a longing inside for something simpler, for someplace to call my own. I have this little obsession of looking at old house plans and looking on for my favorite property search...I'd love to live on a place like that! (Not the whole museum thing but my own home, barn, fields, and room for the kids to run and play - while they are still young enough to enjoy it!)

Here's the quote on the plaque...

"It was fun to explore the farm.
A careless glance made the land look
like all the rest of the huge prairie.
But with a watchful eye, it was surprising
how much variety and
how many things of interest
could be found on 160 acres."
~From "Pioneer Girl"
(The Unpublished work of
Laura Ingalls Wilder)

The rock quotes:
"Remember well and bear in mind, a constant friend is hard to find." Laura Ingalls Wilder
"The future is in our hands to make it what we will." Laura Ingalls Wilder
"The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes - it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies." Laura Ingalls Wilder I know why I HATE slide and bought PhotoShow...I just uploaded about 100 pictures and added captions - it took me the majority of 2 and a half hours (mostly upload time) and I lost it...I am so mad I could spit! I'm done. I'm frustrated. I'm going to bed!

On the upside the boys are home and Luke had a great time shooting with the boys! He shot the .22 but wouldn't shoot anything else. He brought me one of his targets that he hit...on the edge! I guess he couldn't see through the scope so he just pointed and shot.

So I guess if I have time I will try this again tomorrow...maybe this time I will just get my PhotoShow going...

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Jamie said...

Do you have Picasa? I have been using the web albums and its so simple and less time consuming than slide. That's why I've been using it more... Way to go Luke!!!