Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tender Foot

Now that we are getting back into shoe season we've been having a hard time (again!) trying to get Jozie into shoes. Her feet are so sensitive and she gets blisters in EVERY pair of shoes she's got - right on her heels. I took her to the podiatrist yesterday and they couldn't tell me anything except to suggest some VERY expensive shoes. Which isn't a huge deal, I just hope that they pay off in the long run by allowing her to wear something other than sandals!

I went to and ordered her these:

and these:

He suggested the mary jane looking ones and he also suggested the backless ones so that the friction wasn't there on here heels. They were both about $60 a pair. I ordered from Zappos because they have free shipping BOTH ways so when I find out they don't fit I can send them back! She really should have wide sized shoes and these don't come in wide sizes but they are pretty chunky shoes so they might fit her. (I just got an email from them saying that they are upgrading their warehouse somehow so I qualified for special priority shipping because they are trying to shorten shipping time to our area. I guess it DOES to live in a rural area sometimes!)

Just in case they don't I ordered 2 pair of back-ups from They don't have free shipping but the shoes are cheaper and both pair are wide sized so I'm REALLY hoping that they both work and I can just send the Keens back!

Here's what I ordered from them. They were less expensive coming to $60 for both pairs so if they both fit her I will probably keep them so she has SOME variaty to choose from!

She was happy with the way they all looked...she is a girl, after all! What girl wouldn't like new shoes! :) So at least I don't have to worry about her saying they are ugly when they come in.

We went to a local shoe store yesterday that the Dr. mentioned because they carry NB shoes. They didn't have kids sizes but said they would order anything I want - as long as I pay for them first. I wanted to get an idea of how they would fit her so the lady put some really heavy socks on her and put her in a woman's size 7 and a half. She was amazed at how well they fit and thought she may even need a bigger size because Jozie said they were tight across her foot. She didn't have an 8 so she put an 8 and a half on her. To me they were way too long but she said that an 8 would be perfect...again she was amazed. I left the store rather disgruntled that they could employ someone who couldn't even size a kids foot! I wear a size 7 and a half and there is no way her foot is bigger than mine. It's about an inch shorter! Sometimes you wonder what people are thinking!

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Jamie said...

Ooohhh I like the ones from Zappos. What a pain to try to find shoes!!! My feet were always so big so we always had an issue growing up!