Thursday, May 22, 2008

WOO HOO!!!!!

Bob made it to the end of his first school year - well almost! He took his school finals yesterday and passed both sections with an 80%. He was pretty excited - you had to get an 80% to pass so he barely made it. He had his FAA license test today - well the written part anyway - so he stayed up half the night studying. He was tired this morning but got there on time and passed those tests as well! The test cost $100 to take so I'm really glad he passed - if he would have had to take them over it would have cost $150 each for a total of $300! So he is relieved that it's over with - he has to go in for his oral and practical on June 25th.

I'm so proud of him! What a man! *sigh* :)

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Jamie said...

Yeah Bob!!! Congrats!!!!

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