Friday, May 02, 2008

My Exciting Week and Feeling Better

We've had a rather uneventful week since our big snow fall. My dad came to visit and was here until Wed. morning. It's nice to see him, I really wish he lived closer so we could see him more often! :) He got me a new microwave while he was here! I was so excited! He has been such a blessing to us - always asking if there is something that I need everytime he comes. The last time it was a toaster and this time my microwave seemed to be in need of replacement. Though it still works, it was taking longer and longer to do things like cook frozen veggies - and that takes almost 10 minutes! I've had it since before we got married - it's about 10 years old so I suppose it's slowing down. Here's the one we got:
You can click on it for the details. I don't know why it said it's not sold in stores, I got mine at the store...anyway, I wanted something a little bit bigger and better than the one that I had and the other ones there were about the same as my old one and my Dad didn't like the brand names of the rest of them so this is the one we chose. You can change it to like 3 different languages and it says "Enjoy Your Meal" when it's done cooking - the kids really got a kick out of that! I still haven't figured out why I need my microwave to speak 3 different languages - maybe it would teach the kids Spanish or French for me!

Exciting, right...yah.

Pretty much all of our 19 inches of snow is gone - we found out that our little town got more snow in 24 hours than has ever been recorded here. I'm so glad we were here for that!

And last - and definitely least exciting - I had the stomach flu on Wed. night. What fun. I went with my neighbor to her daughters school play so Jozie could see her friend. My stomach had been bothering me most of the day but I kind of ignored it, thinking it must have been something I'd eaten. I guess it's been so long since I was sick I forgot what it was like. Once I got to the school I knew I should have just stayed home. I had barely gotten home and into my PJ's and I was in the bathroom...I'm sure you can guess why! I was up most of the night so I slept most of the day yesterday. I was feeling pretty ok but still achy and sore. I didn't figure I'd sleep too good last night since I slept pretty much all day. I slept like a log. Better than normal...maybe if I sleep all day everyday I would sleep so good every night! LOL But that doesn't leave much time for anything else, does it? :) I'm feeling fine today - but still not ready to eat much!

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

Nice wave. I like the enjoy your meal too.

Bummer on the stomach flu. That is never fun. The only good that comes out of that is temporary weight loss. ;)

Jamie said...

Glad your feeling better. That's funny that the microwave talks! How cool!

Hope you're continuing on the mend!