Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to the beach again last Sunday afternoon. It was plenty warm but very windy. The kids enjoyed playing in the big waves and collecting rocks with their friends along the beach. We were going to grill out at the park but due to the wind we went home and my neighbor - Jen - 's boyfriend - Davy - brought his grill over and we just grilled at home. Did I ever mention how nice it is to have such great neighbor's that are also friends? I've never experienced that before - but I haven't lived in an apartment much either. :)

We didn't do much on Monday. Bob had to work and Jen and Davy went to pick up a camper so the kids and I took a drive to a little town of about 650 people not far away to get some freecycle stuff. What fun! Then we came home and didn't do much after that until we went to get Bob from work at 8pm. Oh, the old lady "on the end" was yelling at the kids for making too much noise with their marshmallow guns (?! do marshmallow guns made from PVC make noise as you blow with your mouth through them to make the marshmallow go "poof" out the end?!?) because she was trying to take a nap. So I took Jozie's gun and together Luke and I had a marshmallow war in the front yard! About 5 minutes into it the old lady "next to Miss Jennifer" we over to see the the old lady "on the end". Hmm. I've never napped with a friend before! Must be an old lady past time! Anyway - we had fun and I REALLY wanted that old lady to come out and yell at me for playing with the marshmallow gun!

Here's some pictures of the kids in the water...

4 Comments For Risa:

Emily said...

Is the water cold??? It still amazes me that a month ago you had a blizzard and now your kids are swimming!

Old lady's in apartment buildings are always fun to deal with!

I posted a link on my page for the sheet music. Have fun!!!

Amie said...

We're good friends with our neighbors too and it is nice. And we also have some old neighbors who like to complain. Thankfully they go to Florida for the winter.

Jodie said...

I agree. Good neighbors are a blessing.

The beach looked like fun!

Jamie said...

Ugh, I'm so envious of you all! I'm REALLY praying that the Lord provides us awesome neighbors in Iowa. Not like we have crappy ones here, we generally just don't really talk to them. It'd be nice to have neighbors to sometimes do things with and all! I think our neighborhood is a relatively 'younger family' one so that will be nice!