Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Radio in My Head

I love music. The problem is that I don't listen to it on a daily basis. I will sometimes listen to music on the computer or the MP3 player on my phone but since we don't have an actual radio or stereo in the house the only time I really listen to the radio is when we are in the car.

So instead I have this radio in my head. It's usually nice except that I am either humming or quietly singing wherever I go - which gives me this slightly crazy appeal! The problem with the Radio in My Head is that it usually gets stuck on one song for a while. Never quit finishing, it just loops through the verses and the chorus as it wills...sometimes for days! So I am starting a new label (can someone tell my WHY labels don't show up on my posts? I use them almost every time I post something!) called The Radio in My Head. Every once in a while you will see random songs tagged as such and hopefully this will bring closure to the days on end of the same song rolling around in that vast empty space between my ears! :)

Whatever Youre Doing (Something Heavenly) - Sanctus Real

2 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

LOL I love that...the radio in my head! Lately my songs have been from PBS cartoons... Although tonight I have one from Serene & Pearl that Meadow sang called 'Angel in my Arms'. I should get it out and play it...its so beautiful!

So, you guys should plan to come to Iowa to visit us in the summer or fall! Rachel may come in July (and my mom is too), but we love company and it'd be fun to see ya!

Becca said...

I usually get annoying kids' songs stuck in my head....I had the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack going thru my head after getting it from the library..."Be. Our. Guest. Be our guest...." so I know where you're coming from....I hope your 'radio selections' are more tasteful. =)