Thursday, May 22, 2008

Luke and Paul

Luke has struck up an unlikely friendship with one of the older gentlemen that lives in one of our neighboring apartments. I don't know if it was Luke's boyish nature or his helpfulness to the older folks who are our neighbors (he likes to ask them if he can take out their trash but HATES to take out ours!) that drew Paul to him but they have become fast friends. Paul always comes out to talk to Luke as he is riding his scooter past his front door or if he's sitting out on the picnic table playing with his cars.

Luke says, "You never would have guessed he is such a nice guy! Now I have 3 best friends here - Andrew (from church), Joey (our neighbor boy), and Paul!"

He was so cute and all excited about his Pinewood Derby last night that he just had to go and ask Paul to come. Paul said he would come if he had the time (he didn't come but Luke didn't seem to notice!) .

**Now don't get me wrong, I didn't let my kid just start talking to some stranger, I made sure Luke understands that he doesn't go anywhere with Paul or go into Paul's apartment - just like any of his other friends - without asking me first. And to not get upset if I said no because I would say no to any of his other friends that I don't really know, for his own safety.**

I'm just glad that he is able to call an older man a "friend". Most kids wouldn't even consider it because Paul is "old" but Luke doesn't see it that way. He just sees Paul as one of his friends.

2 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

How cool!!!

Becca said...

I'm often so leery of older people befriending kids...I did read on someone's blog about how an older man at their church had always been really sweet to their younger daughter....they came to find out later that he was a ped* and he was incarcerated for it....tho their daughter was not the one involved in the incident. I guess I'm just overly cautious in that respect....I'm sure there's nothing going on in Luke's friendship and like you say you're careful about it too. Sheesh....this is a book...I'll stop now. =)