Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Plans for the Week (And Into Next)

This week we've got some new stuff going on around here. To start with, Bob got a new job working at the local airport! He started yesterday and he loves it! I'm so glad. :) I was worried that he would have to go away for an internship for the summer but it turns out he's too he's over qualified for internships. They just want people who have no experience in the field - he did the same thing in the Air Force - so he applied for a job at our local airport and got it instead. It'll be so nice to have him home all summer! :)

Bob finishes his classes this week and has independent study all week next week. He will also be taking all the tests for the FAA for the Airframe part of his A&P licensing. Next year he will be doing the Power plant part. He's pretty excited to be done with school for the summer.

I plan on doing our daily lessons with the kids through next week - they have already finished with their Math for the year. They are still working on Spelling and Handwriting though. I am going to try and keep some lessons going a couple of days a week through the summer to finish up their spelling and then work on memorizing their times tables. I'm signing them up for the summer reading program at the library as well.

I am going to go to Sioux Falls this Friday for a different community rummage sale. I think I'm going to go with my neighbor while her kids are in school. I kind of wanted to leave earlier so we are there when they open but I guess if I'm meant to have whatever is there, it will still be there when I get to it! :)

We had an incident here yesterday - while I was typing this very post - involving Jozie, 2 of her friends, some neighbor boys, and a BB Gun. It wasn't fun. Nobody got hurt but when Luke came in to tell me that there was a police officer talking to Jozie (I was inside making supper) my heart was in my throat and I went outside to find 2 very terrified little girls.

It turns out that Aiyanna brought out a BB Gun to show Jozie and Shakiah while they were playing yesterday. It was her uncles and she wanted to play cops and robbers. She didn't want her mom to know she had it so she hid it behind our apartment and told the other girls not to tell. Aiyanna went home because her mom was calling her and Shakiah thought she would take the liberty of showing it to some boys from across the street. When she handed it to one of them he took of running home with it and she chased him to try and get it. When he got home he told his mom that she was pointing it at him and he took it from her. She called the police and they came over and confiscated the gun.

When I talked to the police officer I told him that Jozie would never point a gun at anybody, she has been taught respect for them and even shot them with my dad. He said that she wasn't the one who did it (this morning I got the above story from Jozie so I'm pretty sure that the boys lied when they said that Shakiah pointed or "waved" it at them) and he was glad to hear that we had educated our children about guns. I also told him that we have been having quite a bit of trouble from those boys from using swear words - writing them on our front step and calling Jozie the B word - them stealing Luke's toys - which we got back a day later - and one of them taking apart Luke's bike. All within a couple of weeks. Luke even came in crying one day because the older one threatened to beat him up. Joey - Luke's friend who lives right next door - stuck up for him and said it was the other boys problem and he was just being mean to Luke. I asked the police officer to talk to the mother and tell her to keep her kids off our property. I don't send my kids over there to cause trouble and I would expect she would show me the same courtesy.

My next door neighbor, Jennifer, got home about then and the other mother Jennifer to tell her that she didn't call the cops on her kids, just on "the other ones" and her boys still want to play with Joey. She told Jennifer that Joey would have to go to her house to play though because the police said that if their kids come over here anymore they will get a ticket for trespassing. I was grateful that I wasn't the one who had to do the calling! I sort of considered it after all the negative things that have been happening when those boys are around but I didn't want to be one of those moms. I tried to be calm I was upset! You mess with the cubs and Mama Bear gets a little angry!

4 Comments For Risa:

Emily said...

Don't you just love the people you have to deal with. Glad everything turned out ok. I had a similar incident happen last year. I witnessed my neighbor's son being shot by 2 other boys, who are trouble makers in the neighborhood, with airsoft guns (which shoot rubber bb's). I went and told the mother of the boy who was being shot at and she called the police. Well, the mothers of the other 2 boys ganged up on me and were threatening me and calling me every name in the book for not minding my own business. I can't believe some people!

Jamie said...

Wow, that is great that Bob doesn't have to go away!!! Congrats on the job, Bob! That's pretty crazy about the neighbors...you'd think people would teach their children to respect others. Hopefully the boys won't bother you guys anymore!!!

Jodie said...

D-r-a-m-a!! Wow. At least that is good news about Bob and the job. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome that you won't be left alone this summer!

Crazy about the gun incident...it's fortunate it was only a BB gun and not something more dangerous but still! I would have been furious about the whole incident