Friday, April 20, 2007


Why can't life be easy?

Today I read a lady's blog who seems to have it all together. She has beautiful children, a beautiful home, the ability to stay at home and homeschool her children, even the the pictures on her blog are perfect and the words she used are so idyllic. She is the perfect Christian mother and wife and can juggle 5 children, a part time job (she is an attorney), running a household (she bakes bread on a weekly basis - and it's HOMEMADE - not just the frozen dough), and she homeschools and sews her children's clothes. Looking at her blog made me long for something that I don't feel like I can ever have or accomplish. I only have 2 children and I'm hard pressed to make dinner everyday because I always have something to do and the days are never long enough. My kids are never prefect (don't get me wrong, I love my kids and wouldn't change them for ANYTHING) and I don't have any time to do the things that I want to do more often, like sew, or scrapbook, or even get outside and hike or Rollerblade. I always seem to be yelling at my kids about something and they are always fighting about something, even if the get the great idea to play TOGETHER they still can't agree on what to do or how to do it. The lady both inspired me to try and do better with my time but at the same time it was a bit depressing because it seemed that she had endless time and energy and resources to do what she wanted to do and she does it all with perfection! It kind of irritated me because I wondered if she was even being completely honest.

Anyway, this is a little disjointed and cranky (at this moment Jozie is having a crying fit because she HATES math and doesn't want to do her schoolwork so her crying in my ear isn't helping) but I needed to vent and all I really want to do is curl up in my bed and read my book so I don't need to think about reality right now!

But laundry beckons...

2 Comments For Risa:

Becca said...

Hey Risa,

If you're referring to who I think you're referring to then be advised....she is PERFECT and we cannot hope to attain that kind of perfection. =) Seriously tho, some people just have it together I guess (I am not one of them....I will be the first to point that out to you). Sorry to hear how difficult life is going for you guys right now. You still so frequently manage to maintain such a positive attitude about stuff and that goes a long way when things aren't going well!

Jamie said...

I think sometimes people just aren't honest on their blogs, like somebody commented on mine. Nobody has it ALL together, ya know? We all have problems. Some people just choose to be more real with others, I guess. I understand totall how you feel, but try not to compare yourself with others.