Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

We did end up having Spring Break last week. We didn't do much all week, which was actually wonderful. Except for the normal cleaning and cooking. Friday I had a day full of grocery shopping for Easter Dinner. Fun. :)

Saturday morning the kids and I got up early and dyed eggs. They had a great time and asked for more....after a mere 2 dozen! We used food coloring so there was an abundance of colors - we had the regular colors plus neon and fall colors, which included Luke's favorite - orange. :) The one thing I forgot was the camera. :(

We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at our church which ended up being held inside because of the cold...yes, Chicagoland has been quite abundant with that this week, including the snow flakes in the air this morning! They didn't find the prize eggs but they had a great time with their friends and we even got some video of it with our "new" video camera from Bob's brother.

The rest of the afternoon and evening I spent cooking with Kristin and Matt came over to visit a little while. My mom put him to work after she got home. She made him start the grill (we did the turkey on it) and take us to WalMart (we need a meat injection needle for the turkey because I forgot that the last time we used hers we threw it i the trash because it wasn't working right) but they didn't have what we needed there so he took us (me and Kristin) to Lowe's where we found what we were looking for. After we got home she had him fixing the lazy Susan cabinet in the corner of the kitchen because the screws came out of the top of it. We laughed and told him that would probably be the last time he called asking for something to do because he was bored! He's a single young man from our church that is in our young adult group so when he's not gone during the week for work he gets bored at home by himself.

Anyway, I took the kids to the early service for church on Sunday morning (Bob had to work a double for work yesterday - 8am to 12 midnight - so the kids didn't even get to see him). I was in the nursery for the second service and I didn't get home until almost 2. My mom and I finished making dinner for our family of 8 plus Matt plus a family of 5 from church we invited over. The kids had a blast with their friends and they have a baby who is adorable. She reminds me of Jozie when she was that age with all her curly hair but Abby's is blond, not red.

So we had a very full weekend. I was more than ready for bed last night and Luke slept until about 10 this morning! He must have been extremely tired! They are usually up by 8 or 8:30 at the latest!

The only thing I regret about the whole weekend is that I didn't take more than a couple of pictures. And I didn't even get the kids in their cute Easter attire! I need to get my camera out more often again. I know I will regret it in a couple of years, especially because we have a digital camera and I have no excuse not to use it. I don't even need to "develop" pictures if I don't want to!

2 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

I didn't take as many pictures either- NONE at all on Sunday! Duh! Sometimes I just seem to forget. Sounds like a fun but busy weekend!

Jodie said...

Holy cow did you cook for a lot of people!! And colored a lot of eggs. 2 dozen?! I think next year we're going to use regular food coloring too. Take more pics!!! You will never be sorry you have them. :)