Monday, April 16, 2007

Mondaine Monday.

Today was a same old, same old nothing new Monday. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Gene from MI came to visit on their way home from Arizona, where they spend a few months every winter. A. Karen said that they hit the cold and she was temped to turn around and go back! :) But they made it this far and they only had about 6 hours home from here. They spoiled the kids and brought home some outside toys for them Luke got a Ball and Bat and was thrilled with it! He has been using a rather heavy large stick and a tennis ball in the yard, I am rather embarrassed to say. I guess I should have taken that as a hint to get him one as a good mother, he's never had one of his own but I've never had the occasion to spend money on him and I hate just spending money on the kids just because. Not that's a bad thing I just don't want to spoil them. Anyway, they slept in the fifth wheel last night with A. Karen and U. Gene and were up by about 7 and Luke was ready to play ball before he had his breakfast! So he had U. Gene outside in the freezing morning sunlight playing ball before 8! Last night we had dinner and he filled up but as we were cleaning off the table he was helping himself to whatever he could get a little piece of here and there because he said he was still hungry. When I questioned him, because he was full when he left the table, he said, "Hello, I'm a baseball player and baseball players have big appetites!" - as he patted his stomach! What a kid!

Jozie got one of those Velcro toss the ball things that you catch it with the paddles and sidewalk chalk to share with Sami (for those of you who don't know, I remember being asked once in a comment, Sami is my 14-year-old step-sister that lives here with my mom and her dad). She likes to color on her hands and put it on her cheeks like blush. She is a girlie girl!

So I took some pictures that I will post here in a second. It was nice visiting with them and playing cards last night. The have friends where we are moving to in SD so we look forward having them visit us there.

Other than that our day went downhill. We went out to breakfast at Cra*cker Barre*ll for breakfast but I was feeling rather sick by the time I got home and spent most of the day on the couch, blah! I did go out for a little while to help in the garden by pulling grass and weeds but all that bending over and standing up again got my stomach feeling not so good again so I was back to the couch after about 30 minutes. I'm feeling a little better now again so as soon as I get the kids in bed I am going to watch a little TV and then go to bed myself!

Welp, I'd better get those kids off to bed, they were just playing a sibling rivalry game of checkers only to have it end in tears as Jozie was sent to her bed for having a poor attitude about not getting her way with the rules.

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Jamie said...

WOW! Another post so soon!?!?!?! Keep it up!!! When do you guys move to SD? Did you get everything figured out with it yet? That cracks me up what Luke said about appetites and b-ball players;) How junky that CB made you sick. I'm not a big lover of their food for some reason.