Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Little Boy in Mourning.

Well, today we found a new home for Buster. It will be with a single man who has his older children visit him every other weekend and he has 10 acres where Buster can run. We think he will be much happier there because if he wasn't in the house here he was on his leash outside and really couldn't run freely, except for the couple of times we tried to let him run and he just ran there is no longer any more fear that the dog will attack my children. He was also a very aggressive dog and since we got him as a fully grown 2 yr old dog, it was hard to break him of that. He played VERY rough, biting hard even in play. There was a couple of times that he cornered the kids in the bedroom and would snap and growl at them for no reason. He also bit me once and had I not had a sweatshirt on I'm sure he would have broke the skin. He didn't like having the door on his crate shut either. He would roll his lips back and bear his teeth and grown and snap if anybody attempted to close him in there. The worst part is that he was unpredictable in his moods an it was hard to trust him. He was a sweet and wonderful dog when he wasn't all those things but an untrustworthy dog isn't worth much and we had to make that decision to get rid him for the safety of not only Jozie and Luke but for Sami too, since he slept in her bed at night.

Anyway, Luke was pretty upset that we had to say goodbye to Buster, he cried for quite a while. I guess every little boy needs a dog but this wasn't the time and it wasn't the dog. He seems to be OK now but we were having breakfast this morning and talking about one of us having "issues" and Luke said, "I'll tell you what MY issue is, my issue is that I want to get Buster back!" I'm sure it will be some time before he gets over it.

So, here's to Buster. He made my little boy happy and that means a lot to me. Because of that I will miss him also. I hope you are happier in your new home, Buster, and have lots of room to play and chase those squirrels you so much wanted to chase in our yard! :)

PS Jozie didn't really care too much that the dog is gone!

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Becca said...

Awwww, how sad to have to give the dog away but I suppose an agressive dog has no place in a home with kids. Poor Luke.

So when do you move to SD? We went there last summer (my first time)...I liked the Black Hills area...very pretty but the rest of the state was too flat and bare for me.

I'm way behind on reading your've been adding so many new posts!