Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was the Youth Olympic Night at our church. It was a night of games for the kids where teams of 3 competed for cash prizes - first place got $50, second place got $25 and third place got $10 - with a big obstacle course as the final game. There was all kinds of food - hotdogs, corndogs, nachos, chips, candy bars, pizza and pop - it was all only a quarter.

It wasn't as well planned out as it should have been so I ended up running around all afternoon looking for a place to get change at but since it was Saturday afternoon none of the banks were open. I ended up going to WalM*art where I got a candy bar with a $100 just to get change.

I was the photographer for the evening with my camera and the churches digital video camera. The video camera had a dead battery so I didn't get much with that but I took almost 300 pictures with my camera so hopefully they will have enough to put a slide show together or something.

Luke donated his bike to the occasion because they needed a small bike for the obstacle course and they couldn't find a trike. I'm glad I brought it because it kept him occupied riding around the parking lot of the church, going "100 miles per hour" as he said, while the other games were going on. And thankfully they didn't wreck his bike because although he needs a new one badly - this one is too small, the back wheel is slightly bent, the chain is completely rusted, and he has had it since he turned 3 - we don't currently have the money to replace it! :)

The games were made up by some of the teens and leaders so the fine details and rules were sometimes questioned. One of the games was taken out because by the end they didn't really understand what to do and there were a few disgruntled kids when it cames to the rules of some of the others.

It was an exhausting day for everyone involved but I think the youth group kids enjoyed it and I'm sure there will be another one sometime in the future - although more planning is greatly needed!

3 Comments For Risa:

Anna said...

Sounds like fun! Lol the $100 bill to get a candy bar! What did the cashier say?:)

Jamie said...

Gosh, if only I had a $100 bill....

Risa said...

Just to clarify, that $100 wasn't mine, it was the churches. I was just sent out to break it for the prizes...I WISH it would have been mine, then I wouldn't have any trouble breaking it! :)