Friday, April 20, 2007

Why? II

***This post is in no way meant to upset or offend anybody, it's just the way things are in my family. I'm sorry if it does.

Why does the family of a divorced man have to suffer because of the sins of his ex-wife? Because she left him with 3 children - ages 0 to 5 - only to come back a year later and reclaim them and let them never have a relationship with him again? Why does a man have to work like a dog only to bring home barely minimum wage because half his income goes to child support? Why does nobody else but me care? Why does the state of M@ine have the right to take his income tax return when he is almost $700 OVER paid on his child support? Why is it when he calls to get it back they tell him that they will send out a check on Monday only to find out SEVERAL weeks later that THEY haven't received the money from the Fe*dera*l Gov*ernm*ent? Is it just me or does that sound a little funny? And they can't answer when you ask if the $700 over payment will be included with the money they owe us for the tax return that they have STOLEN from us! I get so SICK of hearing how EVERY man who pays child support is a "de*ad be*at d*ad" because my husband is anything BUT that and still he is treated like crap JUST BECAUSE HE IS THE DAD! Why is he told that he "should have thought about that BEFORE he got married again" when he asks how he is supposed to support his wife and 2 kids on minimum wage? Why is his ex-wife deemed unable to pay child support when she goes back to school but when my husband goes back to school he will have to pay in through the nose JUST BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO BETTER HIMSELF to make a better life for his family - INCLUDING ALL 5 OF HIS CHILDREN?! So not only will we have to start a new job with college loans he will most likely be behind in child support payments as well, what a life! Will it ever end? What do they want next? His blood? Oh, wait, they already have that! They have his 3 children that want nothing to do with him because of the lies of a crazy woman!

So when people blog about how perfect life is or can be, it makes me want to comment on their blogs about how reality is and how life could NEVER be perfect until we are dead and in heaven!

3 Comments For Risa:

paige said...

What about the idea that life *is* perfect for what He's doing in us? He's obviously using the (extremely difficult, painful, agonizing~) circumstances you're in to grow good fruit.
my mom always says "don't waste your sorrow." i think she means to take every opportunity to grow.
i liked your blog:) was just surfing around & stopped to read for a bit.

Jodie said...

That does stink and I feel bad for you guys. :(

I just got caught up on all of your posts. Sorry about the dog. :( I feel bad for you and Luke, but its like you said, the dog went to a good home and that helps a lot.

Poop on paying in for taxes.

AND perfect people aren't really perfect. The crazy perfect woman you wrote about probably has some dark little secrets, which I'm sure she isn't going to air. ;)

Jamie said...

Wow. You are so right. Just last night I asked this guy that goes to our church where his wife has been. I haven't seen her in MONTHS! His son is in my Cubbies class. She left her two boys- ages 4 & 5, plus her husband for another man. This is at LEAST the third case I've heard of with people I know in this past year. It is so sad. I could never leave my children or husband, no matter how hard things get, no matter how hard life gets. Anyway, that is not the point of your post, but I guess I never thought of Bob being in the same shoes as those men I know until you posted. I can't even imagine what it is like to be in those circumstances. Our old neighbors from NC have the same issues with his ex-wife. He barely has enough money to provide for his new wife and children. How crappy that you just can't seem to get ahead.