Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strong Family History

I had my first mammogram about a month ago after finding out that my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last fall. It's not just her but my grandma on that side and an aunt on the other side of the family. My grandma was quite worried about me so because of my "strong family history" my dr. said she would give me a referral to have one done.

I must say it's not a process that I care to repeat - it was VERY uncomfortable - even with it being "digital" there was still a lot of pressure and whatnot. The tech. said that I shouldn't be surprised if I have to get some more views done because my tissue is still quite dense (you could have fooled me!) because I'm so young. She was right. I got a letter in the mail about 2 weeks later saying that I had "abnormal results" and I had to go in for further testing. Great.

The second time was worse than the first because they had to concentrate on one spot. Twisting and squeezing and pinching. It wasn't fun!

She said I should know in a few days but when a week went by without any phone call I started to get a little nervous. I ended up calling for my results and they said that everything came out normal and that I should just go back in another year.

So I guess I now get to make this an annual thing and I'm not even 32 yet!

5 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

Geez that doesn't sound like fun!

I didn't even know a new star wars movie was out. I'm so behind the times right now.

I like your new blog look, even if it was accidental.

Anna said...

The great everything came back normal:) Cool new blog Risa!

Anna said...

Ok I'm getting lazy on proof reading!
That's great...

Darlene said...

They are not so bad, they only come once a year lol. But then again, it may have to do with the sizing!? lol Glad to hear that you did have it and everything is okay. Did you tell grandma your results? She will be relieved to know.

Jamie said...

Glad all went well!!! I can't imagine having one done...I hear they're painful but then my mom said its not so bad...maybe she's right maybe its the size. So maybe when I need it done it won't be so bad;)