Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Fun Filled Weekend Ahead!

Well, my kids are driving me nuts and I have decided to bring them on a mini-vacation! Doesn't that make perfect sense?! (Not really but we do a lot of things for our kids that don't make sense?!) I've been wanting to go to De Smet, SD to visit the Ingalls Homestead since we've moved here but haven't taken the time. So since we are studying SD history right now I've decided to take the weekend and go for a drive and a night. It will be busy! I'm hoping to get a covered wagon for the night at the Homestead or at least a Bunkhouse - doesn't that sound fun?! I couldn't tell if they allow campfires but that would be even more cool to sleep in a covered wagon for the night under the stars and tell stories around the campfire! The only downside is that Bob won't be able to go. :( He has to work all weekend. I would wait but his dad is coming next weekend for camping with us here and Luke also starts soccer next week so that won't leave us any free Saturdays until it's over. Plus I plan on going to Prairie Village on Sun. morning. It's the Jamboree this weekend so there promises to be a lot of knee slapping fun for all there!

Most of this stuff closes down after Labor Day as well and we don't want to miss it since we are so close! I figure an hour and a half drive isn't that bad. I found a place I really want to stay - Prairie Retreat - but it's too far out of the way for my plans. If nothing else I'd love to go just to support the ministry! How wonderful would it be to spend a couple of days on a farm?! If we had 2 or 3 nights I would seriously consider it!

So, enough with my plans! I've gotta go get some laundry done if I plan on taking clean clothes with us and I want to get some of our curriculum ordered today!

3 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

I am jealous! I wanna come!!! Sounds like so much fun! Make sure to take lots of pictures!

Oh and tell your dad if he ever drives through this area he needs to stop by!

Jodie said...

Sounds like fun!! You'll have to take lots of pics! Good for you for going even though Bob can't!

Anna said...

That sounds like a blast Risa!! Hope you had a great time, post some pics:)