Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Week!

We've been keeping busy with several things over the past couple of weeks...

The kids reading program at the library ended with a prize day. They were pretty excited to get the prizes - Luke had the top reading time for their class - but were disappointed in the prizes. It seemed like they tried to keep everything equal for everyone - no matter how much effort the kid did or didn't put into it. I think each kid was supposed to end up with 3 prizes and since Luke had the top time, he got to pick first. The only problem was that he didn't get to pick what he really wanted for some reason. And a kid who had quite a few less "bug bucks" than he did got 7 prizes. Jozie didn't read much so she didn't have many "bug bucks" to buy with to begin with but then didn't even get to choose the prize she wanted either - they just gave her a goofy little craft thingy and some advertisements for a new PB*S show called "S*id the Sc*ience K*id" for pre-schoolers...she's 9. So when we got home I dug into the Christmas stash and gave them each a prize of my own to show them I was proud of the job they did. I don't mean to complain, they had a great time and it was a wonderful program but if you are going to get the kids all excited about all the prizes they are going to get at least follow through in the end and be fair about it!

We had a picnic afternoon a couple of Sunday's ago I forgot to mention! It was with our new homeschool group! I'm so excited! The plan is to have PE once a week for the kids - lead by parent volunteers - along with some other group outings and support. It was so nice to sit and visit with a group of other like-minded adults for an afternoon and not have to explain why we do what we do to everyone who asks. I get the feeling that HSing isn't the "thing" to do here in SD. It's rather disappointed to get the "Oh, that's great." reaction when people ask where our kids go to school. Since there are several elementary schools here in town I suppose it's the last place people expect to hear where they "go" to school. I think it kind of catches them off guard and they really don't know what to say.

So if you were a HS parent and were thinking about teaching PE for a month but were REALLY not an athletic person, what would you do? Not that I'm talking about me or anything...

I knitted a new beanie for Luke for this winter - he loves it and wore it for like 2 days all day - even to bed - before he realized it was too hot to wear it still! LOL It's green with a white VW symbol on the side of it. I only used cheap acrylic yarn because I've never knitted with 2 colors before and I wanted to make sure I could do it before I buy the 'spensive stuff and screw it up! I want to make one for Levi for Christmas because he drives a VW and it's also the initials for his last name. :)

Speaking of Luke - he had almost a whole week of Birthday events last week. We started with his actual birthday celebration on Monday which was supposed to include a trip to the local pool - which has a few watersides, a lazy river, and some other water features - but the weather didn't agree so we ended up going on Tuesday instead. The kids had a blast and wanted to know if we could go back ...probably not for $12 for 3 hours!

Wed. was the free day at the local zoo so we spent almost the whole day there - literally! We got there about 9:30 am and were about to go at 11 but saw our neighbors. Luke insisted that he wasn't ready to go home yet and wanted to stay and play with Joey so we stayed with them until about 3. We went home and ate "lupper" around 4. The kids were going to VBS at the Baptist church with the neighbor kids but Luke was having some issues with one of the older girls there (he punched her in the stomach the night before because she was picking on him and pestering him. He tried to tell the teacher but they did nothing about it so he decided to take things into his own hands...) so we decided it was best for him to just not go. I asked what he wanted to do and he said to go back to the zoo. We were there for another hour and a half just looking at the animals and paying more attention to the fact sheets and such that Luke didn't look at much while he was with Joey. He was pretty impressed with himself every time he read one of the signs! LOL

Thurs. was the only day we didn't do anything "special" because Fri. we went to see the new Star Wars movie. My mom sent money for Luke's b-day for us to go (thanks mom!). Bob had the day off from work but didn't want to see it (he went to work to change the oil in his new scooter) so he sent money for us to get popcorn and soda. We got a large and had it refilled - did we ever eat popcorn! LOL The kids liked the movie but I found the battle scenes a little long and since there was so much movement it was making me a little sick - esp. after all that popcorn!

Since Bob had Sat. off he took us around to some rummage sales. I didn't really find what I was looking for but got some US Geo. stuff for school and a couple of clothing items for the kids. I also found some Scooby Doo books and a puzzle for our nephew - Dakota. He's 3 and LOVES Scooby but I need a few points with him so I told Bob I wasn't sending it to him via grandpa when they come up to camp in a couple of weeks - Dakota won't be getting it until Aunt Risa can bring them to him on her own so he knows they are from me - not grandpa! LOL

In between our busy-ness we've been watching some of the Olympics as they unfold on TV. Rooting for the USA and booing when a certain country who I won't name seems to get away with way too much in gymnastics!

Bob starts school tomorrow so I plan on getting up with the kids when he leaves to start our day off with school as well. I have been reminding them since last week that we are going to start when Daddy does - even though we won't have our curriculum until the end of the month or early Sept. I have plenty of things they can work on until then! I'm going to have to make a "Do Not Disturb - school in progress" sign for the front door since all of the neighbor kids don't start school until the 25th. Hopefully if I can keep them away until after lunch so I won't have too many problems getting the kids to focus.

Oh! I almost forgot! I signed Luke up for soccer this fall. It starts the first week in Sept. and then there's another season next spring. This is our first experience with organized sports - except for Aikido. Hopefully he will grasp the concept of a "team" and "sportsmanship"...2 things that he definitely lacks! LOL It is 3 times a week but it only lasts for a few weeks so hopefully we won't get too burned out on it. He's pretty excited about it - we found him shin guards at a garage sale and he had time on yesterday kicking around his basketball (he doesn't have a soccer ball!LOL) and he said that they work great - he can't even feel the ball on his shins! We were looking for shoes while garage saleing but didn't find any in his size. I think I'm just going to have to break down and buy some. I hate the thought though because they are bound to be too small by next spring!

Jozie goes back on Wed. for her final (hopefully) x-rays on her arm. She's been doing great though except for a little muscle pain due to, I'm sure, over working it. She's excited to get it cleared up so she can ride her bike again! I asked her about joining soccer and though I would hae loved to sign her up as well she said she doesn't want to so I didn't. I suppose it's probably for the better anyway with her broken arm being so recent. She said she wants to take piano lessons instead so that we will probably do. I'm going to start both of them with it this year so by the time they are ready to start playing an instrument they won't have to work so hard at the music reading part.

Well, I'd better go get supper started. The kids are starving (what's new?)!!

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Jamie said...

Wow, what a nice long update! Sounds like you guys had a fun and busy week! I'm so glad you found a homeschool group!!! You could just do 'easy' things like kickball or dodgeball or jump rope (have people bring their own). Doesn't have to be 'extravagant'!

Amie said...

Isn't that why soccer is so popular? LOL,