Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Library Woes...

Well, after being a week "overdue" the state catalog system is back up - but not working so well! I've had SUCH a hard time with getting my books back in order...before I took my books back today I think I had like $100 worth of fines! LOL Well, maybe not that much but probably close to $20...they were all credited because of the new system screwing things up but it's a little frustrating to say the least! I can't imagine what it's like for the libraries in the state with school started and things still aren't running right!

*About those promised pictures...my PhotoShow is screwed up because Bob had to reload the computer last week and now I need to find my key for it...I'm sure it's gone into oblivion and I will just be done using it. I'm going to hold out on the pictures until I can see if Bob knows where we put the darn thing. I hate using Slide or those other ones online because it takes so dag gum long to upload your pictures!*

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