Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping for School Supplies

Today I have been collecting everything I need for the school year - it hasn't been easy or cheap! Aparently I'm not the only e-bayer that waits until the last minute for curriculum because a lot of what a want isn't available so I have been forced to buy them new...Grrr...I should learn from this and get my stuff together earlier next year but I'm sure I will be saying the same thing come this time next year! LOL

Here's what's on the "menu" for 4th grade:

Math: Math U See Delta
Science: A Beka Science Understanding God's World
History/Geography: 50 States Under God w/SD as individual State and A Beka My State Notebook
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Book D
English: Easy Grammar Grade 4
Spelling: Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 4

Other than A Reason for Handwriting these will all be new to us...I used A Beka with Jozie for K4 and K5 but I'm sure it's a bit more advanced than when we used it then! LOL

I am looking forward to our year actually starting with our new curriculum. We "started" unoffically last week with some multiplication and addition/subtraction memorization drills and we have been working through M is for Mount Rushmore that I mentioned in a previous post plus I'm having the kids read to me for a few minutes. Not half as much work that we will be doing once everything gets here so I'm sure they will be disappointed that their day is going to be much longer this year than it has in the past!

Jozie was pretty excite to go outside to play with her friends after she was done with her school work and her chores today because we were gone all weekend - only to be disappointed that they were all gone to school! LOL

We had a wonderful time this weekend with very little fighting between the kids. I will post more with pictures later this week...I was so tired when we got home yesterday and busy getting school stuff together today that I haven't even loaded my pictures onto the computer yet!

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