Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"There's No Place Like Home!"

We made it home early Monday afternoon! The kids were cranky from lack of sleep and upset because they didn't want to leave their cousins or grandpa and grandma so our 3 and a half hour ride seemed a lot longer! They did sleep about half way but they are getting older and I'm finding it harder to occupy their time in the car - even if it is such a short time!

We left Omaha on Friday to go to Bob's dad's for the weekend. I got to my Goodwill by the pound store and was pretty disappointed this time. I could have done without the few things I found there and it was MUCH dirtier than I remembered it...we found old, dirty, underthings as we sifted through the bins! Yuck! And a couple of them we skipped altogether for the smell of vomit emanating from them! :P I'm pretty sure we will skip that store next time!

Other than that we had a good time shopping! We went to one store where Lisa found a wallet she liked and was explaining to the cashier that she was looking for just the thing because she had switched to a bigger purse and couldn't find anything in it. She was pretty excited as the cashier stood there rolling her eyes wearing a t-shirt that said, "Suc*ka Free!" As Lisa walked away calling for the girls (we had Jozie and Sara with us) the cashier rolled her eyes once more and said in a mocking voice, "That was the highlight of my day!" Luckily Lisa didn't hear but she was livid when I told her in the car! It was so funny! She was ready to turn the car around in downtown Omaha on a one way street to go give that cashier what for! We laughed about it all day and of course everything after that was "the highlight of my day"! LOL

It was nice to spend the weekend relaxing at Bob's dad's after the busy week in Omaha! "Thanks Dad and Marge!" (I know you are reading this even though you don't ever comment!:)

I found a long lost friend yesterday via Ya*hoo IM! I don't usually use it (A. Darlene is the only one who I've talked to on it and that was once several months ago!) but he popped up yesterday while I was checking my email and asked if it was me. It was Jeremy R! He was one of my best buds in college, a wonderful guy, that I took a few classes with and hung out at his house with practially everyday. His friends were my friends (I met my Matron of Honor through him) and my friends were his friends. Becca even happened to be in one of our classes and we did several projects together! We went to church together. Remember our hiking trip in the Pork*ies? Him and Bob got to be pretty good friends too through working in Royal Rangers together. It was great talking to you Jer! Have fun reading about what we've been up to the past couple of years as you read my blog! :)

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

I left a nice long comment and got an error message...........aaaaaahhhhhhhh

I'll come back later and try to rewrite what I'd written. Dang computers!

Amie said...

That cashier's parents must of owned the store or something for her to treat customers like that.

Jodie said...

Aww poor Lisa. That is kinda funny though.

Becca said...

Hello to Jeremy too if he's reading.

Funny he should find you on Yahoo, Risa!