Monday, March 10, 2008

Playing Games

This morning Luke wanted to play a game with me before we started's not what we do normally but I said OK because Jozie was still in bed - a RARE morning indeed, she must have been pretty tired out from playing outside for about 6 hours yesterday!

So we got out the Mancala and played a quick game. Jozie was down by then and I played one with her too. I won both games. I felt kinda bad. Jozie is in a cranky mood today and wasn't happy to lose, though that's not like her.

My question is, is should you let your kids win when you play games with them or not? Not that I TRY to beat them every time, and I don't, but I don't try and lose on purpose either.

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I generally don't let them win (although sometimes I stack a candyland deck so they will). I think kids need to learn how to lose graciously.

Jodie said...

Nah sock it to 'em. Don't let them win. ;) The only time I go easy on our kids is if the game is brand new and they are just learning it. After that, its game on!

Jamie said...

Yeah I don't let them win either. They need to learn to lose too. I remember as a kid I'd get so mad when I'd lose a game! Terrible brat I was! Hannah and I played Scrabble Jr. on Friday and we actually tied! I wasn't trying to let her win either!

Isn't it sometimes fun to switch things up and let them play a game before school?

Oh, and Hannah had that kind of day yesterday. I don't know what her deal was but she got an awful lot of spankings!