Friday, March 07, 2008

Cabin Fever

I haven't had much to post about lately. I have had a bit of cabin fever. The weather is starting to perk up every so slowly and I think I'm going mad with boardom. It's still way too cold to get out of the house to do something fun - and when it's not too cold it's so muddy it's hard to go out the door without getting your feet wet! I can't wait for April.... :)

Jozie fell down the steps the other night. She was already in bed for the night but was impatient for me to come up and tuck her in. She rolled all the way down. She was pretty shook up but just fine. I don't think she even got any bruises! I was quite surprised with all the screaming she did! Luke needed to know what happened and I told him - he was concerned that she was OK and I told him she was just fine. The next morning he told her that if he was up when she fell he would have gotten her some hot cocoa, a band aid (even though there was no blood or scratches, I guess just the band aid itself is supposed to make her feel better! LOL), and some extra "blankies". He is quite fond of his "blankies" still...LOL You would have never guessed that moments later he meant what he said as he was telling her that he wished she would have died when she fell down the stairs because he was mad at her for some reason! LOL

Luke lost ANOTHER tooth this week. This time he was just eating an apple and it came out in the fruit. He had blood all over his mouth, face, fingers, and of course, his apple. He was quite proud of himself but didn't want to take the tooth fairy money because he already "knows" about it. So he doesn't need it anymore. Ok, sure, I will remember that the next time he looses a tooth! LOL

So that is my exciting week. Bundles of fun and joy!

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Poor Jozie!

Elijah lost two teeth this week too.

Jamie said...

Oh its so sweet how Luke wants to look out for Jozie...then funny to want her dead...sounds like my kids! Glad Jozie is ok!

Jodie said...

Falling down the stairs is scary. Lucky she didn't get hurt. LOL on Luke and his love/hate relationship with Jozie. That's sibling love for you.